Expensive Cell Phones

Expensive Cell Phones {WHY?}

I’ve noticed a disturbing trend over the past five or so years. That modern cell phone have gotten ridiculously expensive!

Back in the day (at least in my memory), the “top” or “best” cell phone used to cost under $299.

Nowadays, we’re talking more than double!

Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge phones are right around $700 a pop (unlocked without bullshit contracts).

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When did this happen?

As technology evolves – the price is supposed to come down rapidly.

You can easily pick up a Dell desktop PC with a near top of the line Core I7 processor – 32gb of ram, and much more for the same price. Why those stupid cell phones cost so much is mind-boggling. They’re certainly less expensive to produce!

Because they CAN

This is a pricing monopoly in my opinion.

They do not price these things at these bizarre levels because of cost factors. They do it because they have an addicted customer base.

“The next best thing” must be had at ALL costs by the “upgrade hungry” or “gamification generation.”

So the cell phone cartels came together in a Sopranos-like meetup, and said “fuck those brain-dead mentally-enslaved morons! We’ll just price it higher and higher, and they will STILL PAY! (Cue Dr. Evil laugh…)

I think it’s sad, honestly.

We have the money to buy the “latest and greatest.” But seeing how absurd the pricing has become (and for no viable reason), it would be a disservice to yourself as a human being to part with those monetary units. No. Not worth the fleeting momentary pleasure of “having the best” (for this minute).

So, instead of spending close to a grand for a phone (that undoubtedly is great – for now), I’ll just spend $40 to once again fix a cracked screen on my Blackberry Z30 (which is 1000x more secure anyway!)

Carry on!

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Friday, July 8, 2016 5:06 am

The only problem is that new moderately priced phones tend to be mediocre phones (LG Ally, for example circa 2011 or so) which become hopelessly obsolete more quickly than the offerings on the top of the scale.

Of course too that Samsung item described above won’t be $700 forever. It might be a well priced choice early next year when my current contract expires.

I too once had a Blackberry. I was so frustrated with it after a year or so that I wanted to smash it into bits. The end of the contract couldn’t come fast enough.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016 10:06 am

A pricing scam which has the same net effect as contracts that were supposedly eliminated. When pressed I got a vendor to tell me they could sell me the phone for a little under the price you mentioned.

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