In Pursuit of Silence

In Pursuit of Silence {so few seek it out}

It is my personal belief – that at some point in every person’s life (provided they’re a “normal” person), they will say “enough is enough” when it comes to the non-stop noises produced by “modernity.”

They will eventually embark on a journey in pursuit of silence.

There’s an interesting documentary making the film festival circuits called In Pursuit of Silence (Premieres in NYC on July 30, 2016).

“In Pursuit of Silence” is a meditative feature documentary about the value of silence, our relationship with sound, and the implications of living in such a noisy world. From the monastic traditions of the world’s religions to the universal practice of the “moment of silence” as an act of mourning, humanity has had a long fascination with silence. Today when one in three Americans suffers from some degree of hearing impairment, this relationship with silence, which once served as the key to our evolutionary sustainability, is challenged more than ever as the world continues to grow noisier. Offering audiences a truly unique cinematic experience, “In Pursuit of Silence” will be just as much OF something as it will be ABOUT something and will use silence and sound to give viewers an experiential and immersive experience.”

What is silence actually {not a vacuum!)

I really want to see what this full documentary is about. And whether it has any real & honest viewpoints.

The fact of the matter is – silence – requires definition, and may mean different things to different people.

To me – silence is cutting out the “MAN-MADE” sounds as much as I can.

Nature? Birds, the wind, landscape, etc. – is not harmful to my mental well-being.

What I prefer to rid my ears and brain of – is HUMAN noise. In no particular order:

  • Blabbering voices talking about nothing important (girlfriends, bar patrons, televisions, etc.)
  • Helicopters and loud motorcycles (and jet planes on occasion)
  • Sirens (police, fire, alarms)
  • Loud-mouthed drunks (all of them)
  • “Booming Systems” blaring disruptive music that sucks ass

Some may say other “industrial sounds” may cause disruption in their lives as well, including: Trains, buses, cars, air conditioning, generators, subways. Typically motor-based.

Those may be disruptive to the delicate mind who has terrible issues sleeping, but they’re like white noise to us. They help. (Except the helicopters and obnoxious motorcycles).

in pursuit of silence

But what about those who “talk” non-stop?”

Anyone in a similar situation please email me and Hoboken411 [at] Gmail [dot] com.

I’ve been around some people that cannot shut the fuck up. Who do not know how to truly “listen” to another person. I mean that. “Listening” is not just the ability to repeat (parrot) what another person said. (They taught 99% of morons that in school – memorization).

Listening means allowing another person to complete their thoughts. Not when you think they’re done – but when they really are done. If you don’t know the difference – then you still need help – because you’re clearly not listening.

Having an open ear is also related to having an interest as well. Listening just long enough to start talking about yourself almost defeats the purpose. Sometimes listening leads to wanting to know more about that person. Which leads to asking them further questions and so on… But I digress.

I think much of it is passed on from parent to child. And many parents are asshole listeners themselves. Which actually hurts their children – regardless of age.

Silence is Golden

Throughout my life – I’ve recalled several people who had the less-vocal stance.

They waited (sometimes a substantial amount of time) before they offered anything to the conversation or topic at hand. Sometimes none at all. That doesn’t particularly mean they were doing nothing – but perhaps they were deeply contemplating before vociferating. They often came back at a later time to reflect on my words. Clearly, they listened and thought more about it – whatever it was.

I’m sure if you think back about your life experiences, at home, in school or at work – you can find some folks who exhibited the more silent approach to conversations and situations.

And I bet you thought more highly of them because of it.

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