NJ Roads & Rails {the worst}

NJ Roads & Rails – where does the money go?

For reference – here are two recent stories regarding NJ Roads and the NJ Rail system:

NJ roads ranked in last quintile in America (Burlington County Times)

And an audio report about how NJ Transit is the worst of the NYC tri-state area mass transit services:

With billions of property taxpayer dollars flooding these agencies every year – why are they having problems?

Why no government agency ever has enough money (BS budgets)

The stories, reasons and excuses appear to be the same each and every year (and getting worse as well).

“We have budget shortfalls.” Or they have to take money from one place like capital improvement funds, just to cover basic annual costs.

Why can’t they get their budgeting up to par?

What is the point of making a budget if they have a shoddy track-record of being horribly inaccurate with their numbers?

What is the main cause? Bloated salaries? Unions? Pension funds? Healthcare costs? Bad management? Lack of oversight? Scope-creep? Duplicate job titles? Corruption?

How come those responsible for making these budgets – never get challenged (and immediately terminated) for being grossly wrong?

Why do they make the same mistakes over and over and over, and there aren’t swelling angry mobs with torches and pitchforks demanding their oust?

The sad thing is, that the “victims” are always the same. The residents of New Jersey.

NJ Roads are the worst especially in Hoboken

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