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Dawn Zimmer sent Hoboken411 the message you’ll see below, adding “You’ve stated that you will publish releases from Council members, so I hope you will keep your word.”

Of course it’ll get published. I just wish that Council members would understand that, and return the “favor” in kind when I request statements from them.

Parks Win at Last Night’s City Council Meeting and Councilwoman Zimmer Thanks Community for its Efforts

dawn-zimmer-head-sm.jpgThe City Council and Hoboken took a huge step last night toward securing the land we need for more open space in the Southwest, and throughout Hoboken. I want to thank everyone who attended last night’s City Council meeting to support these initiatives. Together, we sent a strong message: We care about having more open space, and we are going to get it!

The Block 11 resolution, appraisal resolution, and park ordinance all passed unanimously demonstrating that we finally have the consensus we need to move forward and complete the job of buying and building our new Southwest park. The Council exerted its authority to begin the actual process of acquiring land. Councilman Ramos will be contacting the Block 11 property owners today to formally begin the acquisition process. I look forward to working with Councilman Ramos and the rest of the Council to negotiate the purchase of Block 11 and other properties.

This could never have been accomplished without the tireless efforts of so many community activists who donated their time, money, and their votes over the course of many years. There are far too many people to name them all but I’d like to express special thanks to Leah Healy, Jim Doyle, Sara Stojkovic, Jim Kosis, Cassandra Wilday, Keith Furman, and Sandi Reinardy for their indispensable contributions.

After last night’s vote, I am more confident than ever that we will be able to bring the park space our town needs and deserves through negotiations with property owners and developer givebacks, transfer of development rights, grant funds, our City’s own Open Space Trust Fund, and through bonding. Clearly we have a Council committed to making more parks a reality, and I am excited to be a part of this process.


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But with $500K/year in cash flow, the city could easily issue $7-10mm of bonds backed by that stream of cash flows.


[quote comment=”87495″]I know that Dawn and Peter Cunningham are very proud of this (he sent a very similar e-mail earlier in the evening). They should be, in a way. No one is going to argue we need more parks. Now we’ll have two right across the street from each other.

In another way, it looks to be grossly irresponsible to be spending more money that the City doesn’t have. We are somewhere between 11.7 and 20 million dollars in debt right now. Where does the city council think they are going to get the money to buy this park? A bond issue? Raising our property taxes more than 50% to cover the budget shortfall PLUS the park? Fairies on golden wings?

Under the current financial circumstances committing the city to buy any land right now doesn’t make financial sense. We just don’t have the money![/quote]

The city can issue bonds that will be repaid by the “open space tax”. As long as the tax covers the debt service and a little extra for amortization, then the bonds wouldn’t put any additional strain on the city budget. After all, that “open space tax” can’t be used for general operating expenditures anyway (though I bet Roberts would love to get his grubby paws on that money).


Yeah, I thought the “you said you’d publish” bit was a little much, considering that 411 states time and time again that he’ll publish whatever he’s given.

Not sure the purpose of her dig, but it made her look dumb saying it. Also not sure why she wouldn’t be a lot nicer to 411, given that her victory can likely be credited to the existence of this site.

Dr. Midnight
Dr. Midnight

Zimmer is crafty, that’s for sure. She knew she snubbed 411 and now that she has something she wants published she pulls this You’ve stated that you will publish releases from Council members, so I hope you will keep your word.”

What she releases for public consumption is her perogative, but it sounds like she’s giving 411 the zimzam.

Oh yeah, I made that up.


It is on the south side of Observer Highway accross the street from the body shop. It gets no use because you take your life in your hands if you were to cross the street anywhere near there. It also has poor lighting and no real amenity other than a patch of grass. It needs a specific use: maybe it should be turned into a community garden or if needed, should be offered to a developer in a land swap deal for something we want closer to where people live.