Soccer craze in Hoboken

Soccer craze disrupts Hoboken once again {thanks, Argentina}

The waterfront area downtown has been a huge mess for the past week or so – thanks to the national soccer team from Argentina staying over at the W Hotel. For what it’s worth – they lost to Chile in the final match of some tournament called Copa America 2016 which concluded last night over at the corporate-sponsored football stadium located in East Rutherford, NJ.

Road closures & parking restrictions (through Tuesday 6/28), as well as mobs of fanatical groupies hanging out for whatever reason.

As if these grown men who wear uniforms and kick a ball around a field are actual “idols” of some kind.

Argentina Soccer Hoboken W Hotel 5 720x405 - Soccer craze in Hoboken

Do you think professional sports entertainers should be idolized by anyone? Or that it’s just part of the bread & circus distraction to keep the masses subdued?

I mean sure, one could argue that a sports figure could be beneficial to a kid – maybe as a role model – if that is what they’re striving to eventually become in life. But for ordinary “fans,” it’s merely just a game. It’s an entirely bizarre thing to get “passionate” about.

Sure, they’re not hurting anyone by wasting their time with this stuff – but it’s certainly one of many ways that society as a whole is devolving. And the added traffic disruption isn’t really appreciated. Hopefully the W Hotel or the teams that choose to stay there are paying the police overtime.

Wouldn’t it piss you off if property-taxpayers footed that bill?

soccer craze paralyzes hoboken NJ 720x349 - Soccer craze in Hoboken

Note that it appears that Jersey City bests Hoboken once again – with a much more subdued scene over at the Westin Hotel – where Chile was staying.

Future teams that play around here should remember that.

Chile stayed in Jersey City – and won the tournament.
The Seattle Seahawks also stayed at the Westin – and won the Super Bowl…

The Westin is a good luck place to stay!

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