Cappiello Wants to Run Again!


At last night’s city council meeting former Mayor Steve Cappiello announced his intention to run again for Mayor in 2009. The 85 year old Cappiello seemed confident he could do a better job than the guy in the office now, and is looking to make a comeback. Cappiello was a three-term Mayor unseated by reformer Tom Vezzetti in a race made famous in the documentary Delivered Vacant. He later returned to the city council as third ward councilman. A few years back he made a run for School Board that got him over a thousand votes, but not enough to win.

If Cappiello makes another run he could resurrect his 1970’s campaign slogan: “Be Happy! Vote Cappy!”

(By the way, there’s already a Cappiello on the council. Terry LaBruno is Cappiello’s niece.)


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Just to put a few things into perspective on how much MORE corrupt Hoboken is NOW than it once was:

Cappiello owns 530 Adams, Here is his assessment:;block=69&lot=19&qual=

I won’t even get into how many units are likely there or anything…

Now take a look at the recently “retired” Tax Collector’s assessment over at 518 Adams:;block=69&lot=25&qual=

Go look at the two buildings… or use Google Maps to do a street view (look from front and back!)…

Picardo makes Cappiello look like a Saint.


[quote comment=”87511″]Egads! The crypt keeper. He’s hit enough cars. Go out to pasture already and fade (quickly) into the sunset. Please.[/quote]
So you can rank on this guy but not Tootsie? Hmmn.


[quote comment=”87688″][quote comment=”87608″][quote comment=”87551″]While I am certainly wary of a long-time resident with connections to run for Mayor, perhaps those of us who value honesty and transparency in our government can hope that Cappiello would split votes with Roberts, allowing a reformer candidate (e.g., Mason) to win the election.[/quote]

Only going to happen if we only get 1 reform candidate on the ballot.[/quote]

stevens, that was the theory behind Ines Garcia-Keim’s run for freeholder.

I don’t fully understand what matt_72 is saying, but I will say this: if I understand what most people perceive to be a “reform candidate”, there was only one in last week’s primary and that was Ines Garcia Keim. Too bad so many people have short memories and are seduced by money and braun.[/quote]

I was pointing out that a reformer can only win if all the the reform minded voters unite behind one candidate.




Fear not, Mr. Cappiello held control of Hoboken for more than 12 years as Mayor, 8 years as a councilman, not too mention his control of certain members of this council. He was quite the politician in his day, demanding fierce loyalty from his supporters, he took care of them (and only them). He is about 84 years old, so this statement is not only expected by the BNRs, but laughed at in every mayoral election. 🙂