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Security cam footage of Hoboken pedestrian death {still no plates}

Hudson County Prosecutors released several security videos of the Black SUV that killed Zachary Simmons last weekend. Including one that actually showed the young man getting struck by the vehicle, and apparently dragged underneath.

Also seen on the videos – was how Simmons – and his friend who was ahead of him – were quickly running across the street. Not something you want to do at 3:30am on a weekend night in Hoboken.

Especially at an intersection where southbound traffic DID NOT HAVE A STOP SIGN. Perhaps the SUV might have been driving a bit fast, but this tragedy might have been prevented if risky street crossing didn’t happen in such a way.

Here’s a shot of the SUV from Willow between First and Newark Street. None of the videos so far have been able to pick up a legible license plate ID. Time to upgrade those cams to 4K with super night vision!

Pedestrian killed by car in Hoboken, NJ {6th & Willow}


In case you missed it, a 21 year old male pedestrian named Zachary Simmons was killed by a motor vehicle at 6th Street & Willow Avenue early this past Saturday morning. He was from Ramsey, NJ.

Have any clues as to the details regarding this dark-colored SUV? Please contact The Hudson County Sheriff’s office at 201-915-1300. The vehicle “left the scene” for whatever reason (drunk, crazy Uber driver, was unaware, etc.)

But there is more to this story than a tragic death of a young kid barely of legal drinking age. Or a big “whodunnit” vehicular manslaughter mystery. Incidents like this happen all over the country every single day of the week.

It’s WHY – and how pedestrians can instantly reduce these bloody happenings exponentially overnight – by using one simple trick.

fatal pedestrian accident hoboken NJ surveillance image - It's 99% Pedestrian

You – as a pedestrian – have full power to not get hurt or killed by a car

With the exception of a car jumping the sidewalk curb – pedestrians themselves can prevent 99% of the accidents that involve a motor vehicle. That is my belief 100%.

The problem these days, is that more and more people out there are not self-aware.

The mental principle of acute self-preservation has also practically vanished from the mindset of most.

Too many pedestrians out there must think they’re invincible. Or maybe they completely lack the ability to comprehend what force thousands of pounds of steel, glass and and rubber can inflict on a 150 lb. human body.

An object at least 10-20 times your mass coming towards you (at any rate of speed) should treated with the utmost respect. As if your life depended on that respect. Most times, the damage done by getting hit by a vehicle cannot be “un-done” like an “undo” click of the mouse or tap on your smartphone.

Simple pedestrian tricks to prevent injury and death in Hoboken

If every person walking around adopted these three rules – you’d hardly ever hear about a “struck” pedestrian:

  1. Never blindly cross the street when a (moving) vehicle is nearby. This includes if you have the so-called “right of way,” like at a stop sign or even red traffic light. That “right of way” is just a paper legal ruling. It does NOT make a pedestrian exempt from the other person’s inability to respect that so-called “right.” They have the multi-ton moving projectile – and all you have is your little skin-encapsulated bag of bones and organs. Who wins?
  2. At stop signs or red lights – confirm the person has stopped (or at the very least have made eye contact with the driver – and you get a visual acknowledgement that they wave you along). The non-verbal interaction is good, but still not a guarantee. Even if the car is stopped or slowing down you still run a risk of them fucking up with the gas and brake pedals or other mechanical malfunction. Walk swiftly regardless, limiting your exposure to the damage radius of that metal wrecking machine.
  3. GET OFF YOUR STUPID FUCKING PHONES. Hoboken411 has documented this in the past – so many mentally-enslaved morons are so overly addicted to the meaningless and trivial garbage they ingest via their high-powered pocket communicators – they have absolutely forgotten how fragile life in the physical world is. Seriously. Put that shit down, or in your pocket, or better yet – leave it at home. Ditch the smart phone and use a home computer exclusively. You’ll be better off.
connected to phone more important than crosswalk safety in Hoboken NJ 720x279 - It's 99% Pedestrian

Getting status update a higher priority than crosswalk safety.

Alcohol, entitlement, me, me, me – fuck everyone else

See, the details for this particular tragedy may sway “fault” one way or another (especially if alcohol was involved). But it’s a good bet to presume a pedestrian walking around in Hoboken at 3:30am on a Saturday morning is most likely inebriated to some degree themselves.

Sure, it’s possible the driver of the SUV was drunk as well. However, the driver did not jump the curb. Not saying what is right or wrong per se, just that there are ways to minimize risk as a pedestrian.

Which is why if Zachary knew those 3 simple rules – he’d be alive today and could act as a spokesperson for common sense.

Each tragedy should not be a call for more government involvement or property-taxpayer funded “safety measures.” It should be a “wakeup-call,” and a straight-forward slap in the face for everyone. Instead stupid charities try to rob you to raise money “for awareness.” Fuck that. We need tougher, more authoritative “tell it like it is” voices. Like those kids back in the late 70’s when prison thugs educated them via the “Scared Straight!” program. (What happened to those by the way?)

That is why Trump is “Trending.” Because the inner-voices most of you have been ignoring are waking up.

Good luck out there in the urban jungle!

Pedestrian killed hoboken NJ ramsey Zackhary Simmons - It's 99% Pedestrian

FYI – Zachary Simmons was the cousin of NBA top draft pick Ben Simmons.

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Friday, July 1, 2016 3:38 pm

When somebody disappeared along the water front it was revealed that the city’s camera system had been broken for years. In the wake of that debacle the city spent a lot of money to upgrade the camera system. However the city is not releasing or admitting they have footage. Are the cameras broken again? Are we paying for broken cameras?

Thursday, June 30, 2016 11:43 pm

Great post with lots of common sense. I think the people out there refuse to accept responsibility for their own safety. The world is a tough place, and protection is ultimately up to the individual.

Continue telling it like it is. It’s the only way.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016 12:20 am

Looks like the truck ran the stop sign at 1st. But I’m sure they looked both ways being all high up in the SUV and all. So much safer than a regular car.

Monday, June 27, 2016 9:16 am

Agreed. The number of pedestrians that knowingly risk their lives darting into traffic every day makes driving around Hoboken without bloodying your car a challenge.

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