Do you support LGBT?

Do you support LGBT?

Well, whether you support LGBT depends on your definition of LGBT, of course!

Here’s one idea out there we “stumbled upon.”

Support LGBT Liquor Guns Bacon Tits

Fun with words and ideas brings out the crazies!

I’m sure it’ll infuriate those who don’t understand why they’re infuriated. You know, the ones that can’t quite grasp free speech and difference of opinions. Or history. Or much else for that matter.

The whole story is getting tired, and will hopefully run it’s course. How so many people are offended by words or ideas – just because they aren’t parallel with their own. That they would even inflict violence or assault others. Kind of a vicious circle, IMO (“in my opinion,” for those not up to speed with internet abbreviations, etc.)

I would not be surprised, because of a simple internet meme, that some law is passed somewhere making it illegal to “misrepresent” the LGBT. Crazy, but stupid shit happens day after day (just look at the soda tax in Philadelphia to get some clues.)

Support LGBT

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This is certainly offensive to some people I know. God forbid you joke about their plight.

The divisiveness about simple opinions is getting unbearable. Why is all this happening?

This might shed clues on why all the hobby shops are closing in droves.