How search results affect your life…

Wow – your life is determined by search results – WTF?

Here’s some food for thought. How many of you have gotten so used to “Googling” (commonly accepted phrase for generic web search), that you only spend a few seconds ingesting the results before you’re satisfied?

And even after hearing how major web players (like Google, Microsoft, and the others), suspiciously arrange (or rank) those results using a non-transparent (i.e., not publicly available to inspect) search algorithms – most people still rely on them?

People searching for enlightenment on certain subjects they are ignorant about (or have inaccurate information already), may get led in a direction that is not necessarily true or honest. A lot of mis- and dis-information out there online. And you never know who’s really pulling the strings either.

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People want easy and fast – screw the truth!

I’ve personally witnessed many people who find something online (usually to confirm their fear or suspicion), INSTANTLY accept the agreeable results they find.

“See? It’s here on Google. It has to be true!”

Strange how it took just a couple decades of convenient “answers” for many people to stop thinking at that point. Because they “found” whatever it was that appeared on their screens. No need to double-check or mull it over.

And it’s impossible to argue with those people as well – because whatever their beliefs were – became even further solidified. All those inaccurate “facts” repeated day after day, year after year – you cannot enlighten those people anymore. Toast.

Considering how many years the internet databases have been swelling with quadrillions of pages of information to sift through – it gets harder and harder to trust what is truthful after all.

Images can be altered, stories concocted, fear induced and scandals invented. And how fast the information comes at you (especially if you read a lot of feeds & timelines – or even worse, watch mainstream television), it makes the world a daunting place to figure out what is real.

The better question is figuring out what really matters to you and your family. Simplify, cut out the superficial. Spend more time in nature (preferably with the default sounds – not your man-made ones).

I can only imagine the utter mayhem if the entire world wide web just “broke” one day. Nada. What would people do?

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Wednesday, July 6, 2016 12:55 am

I’ve noticed this myself. Search results are much more difficult to manage. Sponsored entries. Yelp. Social media is even worse.

I try to use anonymous search engines like Start Page, but they still use a Google proxy of some kind.

The best option is to not rely on page one or page two results unless they’re from a trusted source. Clicking a few pages back is a good practice. But hardly anyone ever does that anymore.


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