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Tre Chique – 1200 Grand Street – Hoboken, NJ

Now “officially” open at 12th & Grand Streets in Hoboken (formerly MathWizard) is Tre Chique Salon (Trè Chique if you want to get technical).

Here’s how they sum themselves up:

“Trè Chique started as an all mobile salon & finally found a home in the beautiful booming town of Hoboken, NJ. We strive for excellence within the beauty industry. Whether you are seeking hair & makeup, a custom airbrush tan, or you’re a bride looking to make your big day even more magical, our staff is equipped with the tools and experience you need to master each look! Each of our client’s health & beauty is important to us, as it is our mission to help you find the best version of you.”

tre chique hoboken grand opening - Tre Chique

They had their “Grand Opening” much to the delight of area ladies who get their self-worth from selfies on Instagram.

Airbushing and makeup

fake bitch - Tre Chique


We’re no strangers to bashing fake tans (see Smooches mobile tanning here).

I’m just a bit confused.

I see this trend in “all natural,” and other healthy habits storming the world like a hurricane.

Yet, probably most of the people who support those ideals – want to make themselves look fake too?

Tre Chique “blew up” because they hit the market at the right time. The mobile tanning and makeup service was a perfect idea at the time – because it bridged the right gap. Girls wouldn’t be SEEN walking into a place like that.

Now, that they’ve added hair services to the mix – girls can use that as a cover while they get air-brushed “to perfection.”

In the end – it’s capitalism – and they have a market!

Again, we’re not knocking Tre Chique for starting a business whatsoever. We do live in a capitalistic country (for the time being), and people can buy or sell almost anything they want! That’s the beauty of America (for the time being).

I guess what we’re astonished by, is the ever-increasing number of young ladies desperate for superficial enhancements. I guess competition on Instagram is driving bitches mad!

I mean, all I’d look for in a girl (superficially at least) is someone who covers basic hygiene. Like showering, keeping their nails orderly, and brushing their teeth. Have some clothes that fit you, don’t do drugs, etc. The rest is just unnecessary. Handbags, fashion items, jewelry, or celebrity makeup is kind of gross, actually. Bores the crap out of me, too!

Maybe if these girls who obsessed on exterior physical appearances actually spent the time and money improving their brains – they’d be a whole lot sexier overall! And that mental attraction would last them a long time past their physical prime. Nothing worse than a dumb-ass senior citizen lady, right? Gotta have some smarts!

Congrats on the upgrade Tre Chique – and good luck braving the upcoming economic storm as well! (Good hours, at least!)

Description: All things “beauty.” Hair styling, artificial body tan chemicals, artificial feature enhancement (i.e., makeup, nails).
Address: 1200 Grand Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: (201)222-0969
Hours: Monday through Friday 9am to 10pm, Saturday 9am to 6pm (closed Sunday)
Online: trechique.comTwitterFacebook

Tre Chique Salon Hoboken NJ - Tre Chique

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