How to destroy women (start young!)

One way women of the world get wrecked

These days I see countless women plastered with more tattoos than truck drivers of the 70’s. Even punk rockers of the 80’s didn’t taint their bodies as much (piercings, etc.).

Also “trending” is how masculine women have become (“girl power” or whatever it’s called) and how pussified and feminine now men are (skinny jeans, overly-sensitive, non-assertive).

You can call it modern times, or “that’s just the way it is,” or you can think about it for a minute – and see how inglorious it really is. From a fundamental human being perspective.

Below is a great post from The New Modern Man that illustrates, after turning off the garbage for decades, then looking back to see how decomposed it’s become:

Degeneracy: What Your Daughter or Little Sis Listens To

by Relampago Furioso via The New Modern Man

women role models katy perry miley cyrus - How to destroy women (start young!)

Two icons of degeneracy side by side

When you turn over cultural rocks in modern day Anglo America, you find all sorts of degeneracy slithering out. The modern day pop industry is the perfect example of cultural decline, as it tells women they are “progressing” by acting degenerate, when in fact society is regressing.

Modern Top 40 radio is enough to make your ears bleed. To be honest, since the craptasticness of this genre has not changed since the 1990s, I stopped listening to it. But, it’s always good to keep an ear to the ground to see what sort of cultural seismic waves are currently tearing down civilization, aimed at turning young women into solipsistic, carousel riding harlots. So, I turned over some rocks and this is what I found. To say the situation has hit rock bottom is an understatement, but just when one thinks the “artists” and producers pushing this music and imagery are the scum of the earth, along comes a new low which forces us to downgrade our opinions.

Here are some findings from an admittedly quick stroll through the inanities of pop culture today. Whiny chick music dominates, and the lyrics are totally degenerate. Agendas are everywhere, and none of them encourage monogamy, chastity, heterosexuality, marriage, or family. The messaging in both the music, and videos based on each release brings society and the quality of women down rather than lifting both up.

Here are just 5 examples of the marginalization of men and The War on (Quality) Western Women being waged by a degenerate music industry.

miley cyrus BB grandma xmas card - How to destroy women (start young!)

The release of Miley Cyrus’ video sexualizing infants is yet another hint the next leftist agenda item is the mainstreaming of pedophilia

The List

5. I Kissed a Girl. Going all the way back to 2008, this Katy Perry release is nothing short of a full endorsement of the LGBT bacon cheeseburger agenda, as it pushes messages of bi-curiousness into the minds of your daughter or little sister. Perry even told interviewers that lesbianism was nothing unusual among teenage girls. (Huh?) Apparently the tune is partially based on a “kiss” she shared with Scarlett Johansen.

When we’re young, we’re very touchy-feely. We’re a lot more intimate in a friendship than guys can be. It’s not perverse but just sweet… I did kiss [Scarlet]. I was totally obsessed with her. She was beautiful — porcelain skin, perfect lips.

Rolling Stone wasn’t fooled by the marketing and the spin.

[I Kissed a Girl] is a vanilla recounting of her chick-on-chick exploits and acting out just to get a dude’s attention.

The more women scream they Don’t Need a Man™ or his attention, the louder their attempts to get men to notice them become. You might be surprised to know Katy was a Contemporary Christian artist before she realized she could make a lot more money selling trash to young girls. As is the norm, heterophobic people do not like criticisms of the song. The song went to the top of the Billboard charts.

4. BB Talk by Miley Cyrus. Ah, Miley Cyrus. Just mention the name and you know where the conversation is headed.

What a coincidence the leftist media is already working on its next big push – mainstreaming pedophilia – and out comes a song and video from the ninth circle of Dante’s Inferno celebrating the sexualization of children. Miley plays a baby in the video, as she spreads eagle in a diaper, turns a milk bottle into a phallic object, and otherwise turns infants into sexual objects. The lyrics are also trash, littered with Miley screeching “Fuck” and “Fuck You” throughout the song, while parading around in baby clothing. Despite this, the video has 20 million views and counting on YouTube. A sad commentary on our society.

3. Cool for the Summer. Glorifying the slut and hookup culture is our next entry demonstrating cultural decline from Demi Lovato.

Much like the earlier romp I Kissed a Girl, the song is laced with the LGBT agenda. In fact, Lovato was initially accused of copying Perry when the song was released. Sex sells in the music industry, which makes Anglo culture’s relationship with sex all the more unusual. Heterosexuality between men and women is to be regulated and even outlawed (i.e Puritanical prostitution laws), but same sex relationships and the sexualization of babies is embraced by the music industry. United Press International, a tentacle of the legacy media, gleefully proclaimed the lyrics “makes some pretty racy suggestions!” via one of their Beta male columnists.

I’m a little curious, too
Tell me if it’s wrong
If it’s right
I don’t care
I can keep a secret, can you?
Got my mind on your body and your body on my mind
Got a taste for the cherry, I just need to take a bite
Don’t tell your mother
Kiss one another
Die for each other
We’re cool for the summer

One could almost look past a nonsensical hookup song. However, one wave of degeneracy begets another. Check out the disgusting number two slot.

2. Truffle Butter. Next up on the degeneracy list in Nicki Minaj, with a song about mixing vaginal lube and excrement (shit) when a man goes straight from anal to vaginal sex without cleaning up first. You can’t make this up. This is the low level of cultural messaging in Anglo America today. The song peaked at 14 on the Billboard charts. As evidence of the bubble the people who write, produce, and promote songs like this live in, the release received generally positive reviews from “critics.”

It sounds like a great way to get a yeast infection, or some other serious infection, and what man or woman would want a vagina that smells like the potty? I was actually surprised people do this and then brag about it.

1. Dear Future Husband. What makes a better example the cultural dystopia feminized music has yielded than a fatty making a laundry list of demand on her future Beta male slave? Here’s a list of demands from a whole lot of woman, Meghan Trainor. Get in line boys, you better obey the commands of your female masters:

– Take her on a date (and pay of course!)

– Don’t forget flowers

– Get used to me being married to my career instead of you

– I’m not going to cook and don’t know how (remember, the kitchen in the vortex of hell in Anglo America, meantime Latinas happily prepare sumptuous homemade meals for me abroad)

– Treat me like a lady even when I’m treating you bad

– Apologize after every fight (even if it’s her fault!)

– She’s sleeping on the “man’s side” of the bed

– Open doors for her and you might get a kiss (opening doors burns her precious calories)

– Don’t have a dirty mind (she’s already getting her sexual needs fulfilled with a bad boy or 6, you’re just her walking, talking wallet)

– Buy her a ring!

How about this, since you are doing whatever you want, Meg, including obviously spending a lot of time at the pastry shop, men can start doing what we want and you can take your list and shove it?

meghah trainor pig - How to destroy women (start young!)

Want to have “tons of fun” with Meghan? Refer to her list and submit an application

Tolerance and Apathy

The initial reaction most have upon seeing this cultural rot is 1) It’s women’s right to have their own beliefs, and 2) What are we supposed to do about it anyway? A little tolerance is a good thing. After all, we do not want to see people persecuted for having different beliefs. However, too much tolerance destroys a society. As Aristotle wrote:

Tolerance and apathy are the last virtues of a dying society.

The West has both uber-tolerance and apathy in spades. We are tolerating things we shouldn’t – things that are destroying society. Along with the other songs on the list that elevate gayness over straightness, sexualize babies, encourage carousel riding, push behavior that could lead to infections and bad hygiene, they all carry the same general tone: Screw you, men! Screw you, family! Screw you, culture!

Mockery is needed to bring some balance to this insanity. We need to put the cultural destroyers on defense rather than letting them dictate the terms of what is good and what is not in society.

This dreck is being fed into the next generation’s minds on a daily basis. Where does the road end? It ends when people stop listening to filth and degeneracy. Unfortunately for us, there’s a sucker born every minute and men have been debased from society. This is what happens when men are discarded. Culture dies – true culture – that which lifts up society, instead of tearing it down.

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