Sports are a distraction

Tribe, camp, sports team, bread, circus – can you see?

Below is an interesting article highlighting the “rage” people have believing that “professional” sporting contests are sometimes “rigged.” All while saying people care too much about this mindless form of entertainment. And no concern about how they’re being systematically raped and pillaged by “TPTB.”

You might have heard about the historical “bread & circuses” that the Romans employed to keep their populous dumbed-down and fed (think: modern TV, Movies & Sports + SNAP cards and other gov’t bennies).

I’m not out there on a soap-box demanding people do this or that. But I feel it’s fair to at least shine some light on what many people choose to get involved in. It’s easy to get wrapped up (we’ve been there), but being in true control of your life is so much better overall. A never-ending debate of free will vs. “unknowingly manipulated” vs. wake up!

Food for thought.

sports politics which poison do you prefer

Sports Fans Freak Out Over “Rigged” NBA Finals While Elections Are Openly Being Stolen

It is common knowledge that the rulers of ancient Rome used gladiatorial distractions to pacify their people and gain their acquiescence through the sphere of entertainment. This tactic is infamously known as the “bread & circus show”.

Fast forward about 1,600 years to the empire of America. You will see that there is almost no difference between the gladiators of ancient Rome and the athlete of the modern era.

The games have changed but the overall sentiment of sporting competition is exploited the same way. (Thank the “powers” that govern the citizens of the United States.)

Tax dollars are used to build the contemporary coliseums that showcase the present day bread and circus shows on the grand stage of television. In turn that brings in massive profits to the corporate owners with little return to the plebeian investors.

The latest example of the power that the bread and circus holds is the 2016 NBA finals. Now concluding in the middle of the 2016 presidential race.

After a controversial ejection of the NBA’s first unanimous MVP Stephen Curry in the final minutes of game 6, social media erupted in outrage. Claiming a conspiracy to rig the championship to ensure the series reaches the mecca of sports viewing: a game 7 showdown that would rake in millions of viewers. That might equate to the largest payout possible for the NBA profiteers.

Ayesha Curry tweets that NBA finals are “rigged” after Steph is ejected from game 6
— BuzzFeed (@BuzzFeed) June 17, 2016

This guy gets it:

Use that “fury energy” for something more meaningful?

The indignation of millions of sports fans over the rigging of one of the biggest spectacles on earth is understandable. Just imagine if that misplaced fury was directed toward something that matters.

There is something more sinister happening to these sports fans yet they do not see it. If they do see it, they seem to place it on the back burner as a secondary priority.

The possibility of the NBA finals being “rigged” has taken center stage over the outright and obvious rigging of the 2016 election. It’s apparent that many Americans feel the destruction of their republic takes a back seat to the performance of their favorite team.

Meh, it’s just vote-rigging, who cares?

Just last week The Free Thought Project reported that a Harvard educated lawyer is filing multiple lawsuits against Hillary Clinton. Implicating her in vote-rigging and racketeering. Since then, Stanford University has compiled evidence in a study that proves the attorney’s claims to be viable and true.

The claims of vote-rigging against Bernie Sanders have been made from the very beginning of the primary process.

It’s not just Sanders that has received this treatment from the establishment. Donald Trump, also the populace pick for POTUS in the conservative camp, has seen his campaign nearly derailed by dirty tricks and rule-bending by the GOP.

The obvious usurping of the American political process by the DNC and GOP this election is so apparent. It will make your head spin. However, no need to worry about the perpetual war machine and destruction of personal liberties. We have ten taller than average humans are throwing a ball through a hoop on prime time television!!

Entertainment, okay – maybe time to re-focus?

The ability to break-free of everyday worries and stresses through entertainment is important. If you are able to pay attention to the topics of sports and politics at the same time, this article isn’t directed at you.

But for God’s sake, America – imagine what we could accomplish if we cared as much about our children’s future as we did sports? It’s time to break the trance of the bread and circus, and take our power back before we allow the American empire to pass the point of no return. You don’t want to fall in the same fashion as its Roman predecessor, do you?

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couldn’t agree more, Evelyn. To see how much professional sports cares more about profits, than being role-models for children ,is disgusting. Football, basketball, baseball , hockey,, you name it, rapist, spouse abusers, aminal abusers(Vick), steroid cheaters, ball-deflating cheaters( Bradey), game fixing, it goes on and on…. and the respective leauges look the other way, in the name of profit! Even the IOC is determined to have the olympics, in Rio, go on as planned, even with the real threat of spreading the Zika Virus WORLDWIDE. This is insane! i was a big football and Hockey fan, but now i can care less. Life it too short to be distracted with useless activities(TV included). More importantly and in comparison, the problems of sports does not even come close to other contest’s that are being “rigged”. Recent hacks to the DNC playbook has shown that they supported Hilary Clinton from the get-go, (as Bernie Sanders has always maintained) rather then be neutral. I’m not sure if there IS anywhere to go where this doesn’t go on (or go on as much), but if you find it Evelyn, please let me know


Broke up with my boyfriend because of his obsession with sports. Long relationship too.

Sitting at dinner talking about highly paid athletes got worse over time. Like he was overcome by a virus. I’m sure he’s happier now. For how long, I can only guess.

I could not reason with him. It was like trying to take a favorite toy away from a toddler.

The more I think about it, it scares me how someone can be so consumed. Lost.

Oh well, better now than later. But I’m left single in a world of people who cannot have normal conversations anymore. Time to consider moving somewhere different.