Park Avenue Bridge Closure {update}

Once Park Avenue Bridge construction resumes {will have limited hours}

When the transportation freezes are lifted, the Park Avenue Bridge restoration project will resume once again.

But they’ve caved under public pressure – and will have different ours of operation, which will delay the completion of the project.

Work will take place during the following days / hours:

  • Sunday to Thursday nights from 8pm to 6am
  • Friday nights from 10pm to 8am

No work will take place on Saturdays, and the bridge will indeed be open for two-way traffic when work is not being done.

There you go. Couldn’t that have been the process from the get-go?

Park Ave. Bridge Project now even more screwed {idiot politics}

7/8/2016 Update:

Okay, after a few days of traffic hell – the State of NJ is suspending hundreds of road projects because they can’t get their shit together.

So now, the Park Ave. bridge will have to get “repaired” (costing even MORE money), and will be reopened to two lanes of traffic by Tuesday.

The suspension of the road projects is expected to last a minimum of seven days. Whether (and when) the project resumes is not known.

This is why all political systems (local, county, state, federal) need to be pared down by like 90%. They screw everything up.

Epic Disaster in uptown Hoboken NJ about to commence

6/29/2016 Update:
Work is scheduled to begin on the Park Avenue bridge uptown on around July 5th.

And thanks to this story Hoboken411 published – the city had some sense knocked into them – and decided it would be better to at least keep one direction on Park Ave. open during this hellish time.

So, the southbound entrance to Hoboken on Park will remain open during construction (sort of the way the Pulaski Skyway was done). However, DO NOT EVEN TRY GETTING OUT OF TOWN VIA THE NORTH.

Only Willow will be open, and will probably be backed up all the way to 11th – as well as all the other northern cross streets.

And note the streets in the diagram in red. They will be closed during the morning and evening rush hours – FURTHER FUCKING UP AN ALREADY FUCKED UP SITUATION!

Good times.

Park Avenue Bridge Closure Hoboken NJ Epic Disaster 720x406 - Park Avenue Bridge Closure {update}

Park Avenue Bridge to close for months in Hoboken

Say goodbye typical traffic jams and hello to major clusterfucks all summer! In case you didn’t know yet, the Park Avenue Bridge uptown is going to close for months while the city repairs it.

The closure is expected to begin on Tuesday, July 5, 2016.

Not many more words are necessary regarding this bad news. Just use your imagination to picture what traveling uptown in Hoboken is going to be like for the foreseeable future.

Add in the daily construction trucks for the Trader Joe’s development on Willow will equal pure hell in that area.

Park Avenue Bridge Closure Hoboken NJ July 5 2016 - Park Avenue Bridge Closure {update}

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Wow! The mayhem uptown is unreal. And this is with a planned closure. I don’t want to be near this area if a real emergency took place. A good preview of what to expect.

sassy lassie
sassy lassie

Why does it always have to take Hoboken411 for the City to have a “AHA!” idea?


Thank you for the updates. Have not been able to find anything else online about expected duration etc.


Glad the inbound was preserved. Thanks for your role in that!

But just simply navigating the streets to hit up a few stores uptown is going to be challenging, especially at rush hour. How much extra police overtime will this cost the peasants?