Positivity, Negativity, or Realistic?

Love & Positivity – Great! Does that allow room for Reality?

The latest trend in “marketing” for the last 5 to 10 years has been a humongous emphasis on “love” and upbeat, positive messages.

Same goes for any publication that intends on selling advertising – or getting compensation for coverage, reviews, etc.

And especially on social media (much of which is “curated” for you little snowflakes…)

Nothing but unicorns, rainbows, and “hands across America” type bullshit. Positivity all the time! Go Team Positivity!!!

But is that accurate? Does it send a false “message to the masses?” How long can it continue?

theres no such thing as too much positivity yeah right - Positivity, Negativity, or Realistic?

Balance: You can’t have one without the other

The Chinese Yin Yang symbol is a perfect example of this.

yin yang means balance - Positivity, Negativity, or Realistic?The phrase “too much of a good thing” is also one way to look at it.

In order to appreciate positive – you have to acknowledge the negative as well.

As once everything becomes positive – you will undoubtedly begin to rank those great things from best to worst anyway, even if you don’t publicly admit it. You cannot hide from the reality of balance and perspective (unless you’re on psychotropic drugs – which come with their own ticking negative time bomb…)

Which is why we’re puzzled at how those “happy feel good” memes that get regurgitated throughout the interwebs haven’t been deflated by now. In fact, they’re getting worse!

Is positive the new reality?

Not too long ago, it was a good personality characteristic to be called a “realist.” Not necessarily optimistic & positive, or pessimistic & negative – just someone who pretty much “went both ways,” without much emphasis either way.

Today it appears you MUST be positive about everything, or else!

So how is that possible if you need balance?

Super-positive people are some of the MOST negative!

Now you will begin to see how the balance is achieved.

Today – being cynical (especially towards “popular” trends, people or even government actions like sustainability and bike lanes), is met with great friction.

By who? The positive people.

The ones who “love” LBGTQ, or bike lanes, or the latest vegan trend.

“How dare you knock such a good thing as this bike lane?” they might say.

The conversation would then dwindle into hurled 140-character insults with no meaningful discussion. Or a look back in history. Or the classic “cui bono?” Why? Because it requires effort – and just acting positive towards the things you love (and never mentioning things you don’t) is easier.


That negative energy balance does indeed come out. When someone opposes their “positive.” The amount of HATE that comes from those who cannot tolerate any opposition to their views is when the Yang meets the Yin. Not across a diverse spectrum – but within the those individual messages of indoctrination and fanatical obsession.

Have you seen the hatred spewed out by those “positive” people?

Attend any popular rally or peaceful protest and you’ll see. Or look into who’s demanding “safe spaces” for differing viewpoints.

So much for their positive messages of tolerance and love, right?

Double-think (and intolerance) at its best!

positivity makes people angry especially feminists - Positivity, Negativity, or Realistic?

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