Tech Tip: Tabs Suspender

No brainer: Tabs Suspender for Google Chrome

Here’s a quick tech tip for those that both use Google Chrome, as well as keep many tabs open on their browser window(s). Even if you have a lot of memory (up to 16gb).

But with 32gb or more you probably don’t have this issue. Either way, the Google Chrome browser can be quite memory-hungry, and this tip will help everyone.

(We’re speaking specifically for the Windows platform, FYI – but there are surely other browser plugins for others…)

google tabs memory problems

Google Chrome is okay, but a hog!

We won’t delve into our specific browsing methodologies – but let’s just say that we typically have about four windows open with between 30-50 tabs on each. It’s the way we do stupid-ass computer shit these days.

But Google Chrome, once touted as the best of the best – has its drawbacks. And the main one is memory usage. Even if you don’t access many of those open tabs for a long while, they continue to eat up available RAM. And for some reason, this problem has gotten worse. Most likely because of what is on the exact websites we occasionally visit (have you seen how over-the-top some “MSM” sites have gotten? Especially local CBS news sites. I won’t even click their links anymore, they’re that bad. Plus New Jerky Dot Com – just as bad!)

tabs suspender google chrome extension

Chrome Extension: Tabs Suspender

After realizing how detrimental (yet unsolvable) my browsing style was – I had to find a solution.

The first step – check how Chrome uses memory. Lots of web tutorials about it (as well as gripes).

But I stumbled upon an extension called Tabs Suspender.

It basically suspends most open tabs after a pre-determined time and essentially removes them from memory. It keeps a placeholder, so when you’re ready to revisit that page, just hover the mouse cursor over the center of the screen and it re-loads the page you haven’t visited since the time you set (default is 15 minutes).

Holy crap! Our memory problems went away, and our tab placeholders were preserved. Sheer brilliance! (FYI, our 1st generation Intel Core i7 has a limit of 16gb – so we’re screwed. Can’t wait till I can get up to 64gb or even more…)

As a bonus – you can choose to “ignore” the suspension of certain pages you want active all the time (say Drudge, or Hoboken411 to name a few).

Highly recommended – and we’ve tested it to say that it works quite well.

Get the extension here: Tabs Suspender.

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