The love of “vigils…”

Has anyone thought about the love of “vigils?”

The sign of a confident person is their willingness to speak openly about situations that might rub them the wrong way. Even in the face of overwhelming “odds” and popular consensus.

In this case – it’s the Orlando “incident” that happened a week and a half or so ago.

While apparently tragic sounding – what I’d like to speak about is the “reactions” that happen across the country and around the world.

Like a predictable script from a cookie-cutter movie these “reactions” have become. The same shit each and every time. WTF?

Vigils Food for Thought Wednesday Hoboken411 - The love of "vigils..."

Why are reactions necessary?

In today’s (also tragic) social media environment – pretty much EVERYONE is almost obligated to say something about everything “major” that is purportedly happening around the globe.


I mean that – and it requires a bit of pause and contemplation to get why I’m asking.


orlando candle vigil - The love of "vigils..."So supposedly 50 to 100 people were either killed or injured.

So supposedly it was a “hate” incident.

So supposedly the victims may or may not have been part of this acronym LGBTQ!@#.

So supposedly the “actor” was also gay.

So supposedly the “actor” was also Muslim.

So what?

The similarities are all that people care about?

What bugs me about these vigils – is that they supposedly have weak victims.

You never, NEVER have a country-wide, media-attention-grabbing “vigil-fest” if a plane crashes. Or some mountain-climbers die in an avalanche, or there’s a 100-car pile-up on a Florida highway that leaves 20+ dead.

Why not?

If we’re going to have “vigils” for tragic incidents – why does there seem to be some “bar” that needs to be exceeded. Or a certain number of check-boxes that need to be ticked in order for it to qualify?

That bar can come in many shapes and forms. In particular:

– A weak, victim like group (gay, lesbian, woman, pet, etc.)

– In the form of hate (never really an accident – except when the fatality number is in the hundreds or thousands, like 9/11)

– Otherwise ultra-tragic, out of the ordinary, “shocking,” or unexpected.

Do people see vigils as opportunities?

Now to my point: Emotion sells. It sells almost EVERYTHING you can imagine. Cars. Mates. Court deals. Charity. I can name a 100 more things that emotion sells. (Thank Edward Bernays and his uncle for that whimsical tidbit in life.)

But so many political entities (Federal, state, county, local) JUMP at the opportunity to get exposure, and quickly spear-head candle-light “vigils” at almost any opportunity.

Why aren’t these vigils organized by the PEOPLE and not the politicians? Because people can’t change agendas or enact new draconian laws?

Sure, token “people” are included. A representative of the group hurt (gay, woman, handicapped, etc.), a few members of various religious organizations. But they’re usually held on government properties, following the same exact script every time. And that is really annoying.

Not sure exactly what it is – but it rubs me the wrong way that one cannot openly challenge sensitive subjects and get down to the meat of the matter anymore.

Here’s the “report” from Hoboken’s vigil last week:

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