Adopting a “so what?” attitude

How would you benefit by adopting a “so what?” attitude?

so what bubble - Adopting a "so what?" attitudeOther than things that directly affect you, your family or your friends – why should you give a shit about anything else?

One case in point is that whole Orlando “incident,” (and the following “outpouring” of whatever… like vigils, for instance.)

If you didn’t know anyone “killed,” shouldn’t you just adopt an internal “so what?” attitude? You know – there’s a ton of “atrocities” going on daily outside your little world. So what can you do about it? How does getting involved benefit you?

I mean of course, publicly not giving a shit would provide tons of “backlash” on your social media timeline – so many people might oddly rule that one out.

But on second thought, isn’t it weird that your stupid fucking social media timeline and associated “repercussions” would prevent you from honestly expressing yourself? Seems a bit anti-American, doesn’t it? More and more people are like that these days. Afraid to go against the grain, because they’d be considered an “outlier.”

Going “so what?” towards mainstream

Going “so what?” isn’t necessarily an ideal lifestyle when it comes to all things, of course. Like we said, things that are directly important to you and your family should always be taken care of.

But things like the NBA finals. Or all the trivial crimes that happen coast to coast. Or what some stupid-ass celebrity said. Or did. Or didn’t do.

That’s the thing about social media that has elevated an already annoying human trait of non-stop expression – and has taken it to a global and instant level. What was normally reserved for just your living room or the people in your direct company – now has millions of eyeballs eager to “react” to something. Or to bruise your ego via pithy comment.

Not caring about individual stories that “trend,” is your first step.

Then, you ignore comments made from total strangers about those stories you now no longer care about.

Understanding the phenomenon is your next step.

so what about tom brady and sports - Adopting a "so what?" attitude

Distract. Divide. Conquer.

Shit, half (probably most) of the nuggets of information coming out of the interwebs is likely false. Or embellished. Almost all is useless for you to know. (Avoid News – 11 pages that 99% of the population does not have the attention span to finish in one sitting).

Many opinions online are fake, too.

But what it does accomplish is amazingly get millions of people against each other (for their opinions). Less gets done, time wasted, country in decline. And people are watching you, collecting that data, and then figuring out what to do with it. Or how to shape a policy or the next thing to numb your senses.

Doesn’t sound like a world I want to live in.

How to turn “so what?” into tangible increase of self-worth

By having a general “so what?” attitude about the low-hanging fruit of the news world – and focusing on things that are 100% directly important to you, you’ll find a ton more time to improve yourself and your state of mind. And just because you did something that looked like you cared, or were charitable – doesn’t do much other than feed your own ego.

Using time normally spent on comment flame wars – or looking at tragic videos, “one-upping” someone’s staged instagram photo, or “getting revenge” on people in a psychopathic way (because of something they said), you can then drill down and take care of yourself.

Learn a new skill.

Or a language.

Fill your mind with words from a great book.

Or just daydream and contemplate your life as you peacefully enjoy time and space away from the clusterfuck the rest of the world is “dealing with.”

By saying “so what?” doesn’t mean you’re not a compassionate person. What it demonstrates is that you are capable of regulating your emotions to things that matter most to your life – and the aspects which are prudent for you to control.

Try it! It’s hard for most at first, but becomes amazing afterward.

so what is the best attitude to have - Adopting a "so what?" attitude

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