Don’t eat the tomatoes!


Yummm… Salmonella!

Maybe Hoboken’s raw sewage tomatoes aren’t that bad anymore!

Temporary Ban on Raw Tomatoes

fda-ban-tomatoes.jpgThe Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is alerting consumers nationwide that a salmonellosis outbreak appears to be linked to consumption of certain types of raw red tomatoes and products containing raw red tomatoes. The bacteria causing the illnesses are Salmonella serotype Saintpaul, an uncommon type of Salmonella. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is currently following FDA ‘s alert criteria.

Preliminary data suggests that raw red plum, raw red Roma, or raw round red tomatoes are the cause. Sodexo (U.S. and Canada) will be temporarily banning the use of these varieties until further notice.

At this time, consumers should limit their tomato consumption to tomatoes that have not been implicated in the outbreak including: Cherry tomatoes, grape tomatoes and tomatoes sold with the vine still attached. These varieties are not part of Sodexo’s temporary ban.

If you have any of the temporarily banned product in stock, DO NOT USE THEM. Label them “Quality Hold – Do Not Use”. Follow instructions from your supplier for their disposition.

Note: Sodexo has not received any reported illnesses related to this outbreak as of the time of this alert. As further detailed information becomes available, we will send updated alerts. For additional regulatory information please refer to the links below.

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And here I thought Qdoba was just trying to cheap out on their food again.


i went to mcdonald’s on friday night during a long road trip (it was pretty gross) and was really wanting some tomatos on my sandwich and they didn’t have any because of the recall.
however i had tomatos today both in the city for lunch and in hoboken for dinner, hopefully i’ll still be around tomorrow to eat my leftovers 😮


Salmonella is not a virus. It is a bacterium. It is destroyed by cooking to 145F internal temperature. This means if you have them in the house already, you will have a delicious and healthy food with almost no chance of getting sick from them if you slice them, brush them with olive oil, and broil them until shriveling and *just* starting to blacken.

The coliform bacteria that scared everyone about spinach are also killed by cooking.


145 people reported sick over two months across the entire country is hardly an outbreak, after all more people died today of Heart Disease caused by Smoking than from this virus. Actually nobody dies from this virus.

CDC says there are no cases in NJ. Must be a slow news day, perhaps if we bomb Iran there will be more to talk about.