Dead man floating!

It sounds as if there’s a dead guy floating in the Hudson near Sinatra Park!

Listen to the live Hoboken police and fire scanner for more!

(I just got back from a 2hr walk with the dog, NOT going back out…)


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Saw the crowd, saw the cops and saw someone being loaded into an ambulance…but no other info. What the hell happened?


Did anyone see the incident with a man that was hit by a car around 7:30 AM yesterday on Washington Street? I was looking for updates on his condition.


the information above is correct (58 year old male, last name beginning with N). It was a murder suicide – the man killed his wife and then himself by jumping into the river. Very sad story. Two small children left behind. (He is not a Hobokenite, the article says he is from Jersey burbs.)


[quote comment=”87007″][quote comment=”86940″]Didn’t write it down.. last 5: 10492

They looked up his number, and wasn’t reported missing.[/quote]
assuming it was a NJ DL, all that tells you is that he was born in October of 1949.

Other useless NJ DL facts, the first character in the license # is always the first letter of the persons last name, and i think the birth DATE is the last two digits in the first set of numbers. ex. A22DD, where DD would be the dob.[/quote]

No, you are wrong. The last set of 5 numbers are as follows: the first 4 give the month and year of birth, and the very last digit is the code for eye color. So from the last 5 of this mans DL#, we know he was 58 years old (as stated above), and he also had brown eyes.