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Packaged Foods: Resist (no matter what the label says!)

One visit to any supermarket out there – and it’s plain to see that the majority of the store consists of packaged foods, with a limited amount (less that 20% of the store) of “fresh” food.

Some Hoboken “convenience stores” are even worse – with 100% packaged food!

Part of the reason we have this phenomenon is the “shelf-stable” aspect. Food that keeps longer is more economical (and convenient) for all involved.

Another reason is for display. Packages contain information and graphics which make it easy to understand what’s inside – as well as prominently arranged neatly on shelves for easy viewing.

But the biggest reason for all that packaged food is the manufacturing process and profits for large food companies.

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What’s wrong with packaged foods?

The problem with most packaged foods is that they are nowhere even close to what the human body is optimized to ingest.

Most are “processed” in some capacity. Many are so overly-processed, that they might not technically even be “food” anymore. Some automated robotic assembly-line created that “food.”

The worst part is that the majority of packaged foods usually have lots of chemicals as well as sugars and grains that inflict a barrage of health issues if consumed regularly. Study the labels and look what is inside!

What’s important to understand is – that even the so-called “healthy” packaged foods should be avoided as well. This includes the Gluten-Free stuff, organic, and otherwise labeled as “healthy” or low fat.

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Where would we be without packaged foods?

Here’s part of the problem.

With so many people doing what equates to “jack shit” all day long – and the whole farming industry monopolized for the most part – this is the by-product of not paying attention over the course of many decades.

Misinformation in the science industry didn’t help. The industrial revolution didn’t help. And of course, the swelling population doesn’t help either. So many different ways to look at “what happened?”

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PSA: Avoid packaged foods – simplify your diet

With millions of different food options out there, one can easily get caught up in all of it.

Whether it’s some “trending” new fad, or celebrity-endorsed product – you gotta go back to basics. We don’t need to have a limitless menu to survive, or even thrive.

For one – no one needs grains. Not now, not ever. No benefit whatsoever – and nothing but detriments to your health. Do they taste good? Sure. That’s what addictive things do.

A simple – and very sustainable long term diet is heavy on meats and veggies (and even dairy).

Some nice fatty steaks, scrumptious chickens and maybe a piece or two of fish for good measure. Cooked in butter, lard or coconut oils (avoid vegetable oils like the plague!)

Pair your greasy meats up with great fruits and veggies. Brussel sprout, kale, arugula – raspberries, blackberries, avocado – all nice to add.

Remember, that eating a raw piece of fruit ALWAYS trumps “juices” which pack an exponential amount of sugars more than eating the raw item (bonus roughage too!)

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Are there any packaged foods you like?

Well, we do keep some in our cupboard. It’s unavoidable.

For snacks nothing beats some (pure) beef jerky. Not processed crap, but simple ingredient jerky.

Jarred sauces are handy if you pick good ones (Hoboken Farms sauce rocks). Having a jar or two of peanuts or macadamias are helpful in a pinch, but only in extreme cases.

Home jarring is a fantastic idea – but not for those who cannot take on complicated tasks.

But making large batches of meat-based foods is a great way to minimize your cooking. You can make enough fried chicken cutlets to freeze – and eat for many weeks!

It’s a tough balance, because it is good to keep a store of food on hand – and it’s very hard these days with limited, expensive or time-consuming means to get that fresh food daily. Plus, most people don’t have time (or the willingness) to cook every day.

But just walk around your local market – and ask yourself: “Is this it? This is how we have to eat these days?”

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