Hoboken Photo Leftovers

Hoboken photo remains of the week: 6.18.2016

Hoboken Photo Leftovers June 18 2016

In the Hoboken Photo Leftovers gallery below:

  • Photos 1-3: They beautified the area outside the Hoboken High School stadium.
  • Photos 4-9: For those who didn’t attend last week’s A&M Festival – this is what it looked like.

Do something productive this weekend that doesn’t make use of an app!

About Hoboken Photo Leftovers

Hoboken Photo Leftovers is part of the Hoboken411 Photo of the Day series.

These are photos that didn’t necessarily warrant an individual posting on Hoboken411.

They may have been related to other stories – or completely independent. These photographs are remnants of our travels in the past week. But equally important in maintaining an historical record of “life as we know it” in the Mile Square City.

At the same time, these photographs may also mirror the unique personal opinion of the publisher of Hoboken411.com.

Regardless, the pictures add to the “virtual encyclopedia” that this site now represents. Thank you for your readership!

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I love what they did at the JFK stadium memorial. The landscaping looks great. However the dog owners [I have a dog so save your hate replies] encourage their dogs to piss on the freshly planted landscaping. As soon as this fence comes down all the money and time spent on this will be for nothing. I don’t know what the fuck is wrong with these people. Are that so fucking stupid that they think dog piss by the gallon won’t kill the plants and grass? How about the people stepping on the plants, do they think that helps them grow? When I see this I just want to punch these people in the face. Great that the city made the effort and I’m sure whoever they paid was happy to make money but lighting dollar bills lit on fire would have lasted longer than this landscaping project will last. There needs to be a guard there 24 7 that breaks your jaw when you destroy the landscaping. Clearly people are either stupid or assholes. I’m not blaming the dogs – it’s the owners. Just look at the scrub to the left of the ballpark building. It’s dead from dog piss. Sickening.