Moving Arts & Music Festival

Should the Arts & Music Festival be moved?

Since Pier A Park opened at the turn of the millennium, it’s definitely gotten more use as a multi-purpose area. Notably, concerts like Bob Dylan and other events like the recent Propeller Festival.

With ample proof that this space can handle large crowds – why hasn’t the city moved the bi-annual Arts & Music Festival over here? There are many benefits:

  • A larger space to see the bands. The current “stage” downtown is too narrow.
  • Away from residential buildings. I’m sure many people would be pleased that the racket would take place elsewhere.
  • Better for businesses on Washington Street.
  • Improved police & fire response times.
  • More than twice the area. From approximately 3 acres of space to around 8 acres. You can either have more vendors, more room to walk around or both.

I’m sure there is some explanation for why it’s still being held on city streets. But it probably isn’t logical anymore.

Move Hoboken Arts & Music Festival to Pier A Park

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Monday, June 20, 2016 10:21 am

I think the business’s on Washington Street like the traffic and exposure.
Pier A, C seems to make more sense, but not sure if the walkways/road provide the same configuration as Washington Street when factoring in trees, bike and walking path divide, etc.
Pier A is perfect for concerts with the platform area at end already in place. Hopefully the Pier does not collapse!

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