Not caring about social media?

Not caring about social media (overcoming the draw)

We’ve offered countless viewpoints on social media over the years. But what is happening exactly in 2016?

See, we have a very unique perspective on this so-called phenomenon. For the most part, we do not “use” it. And by “use it,” I mean “engage” in ongoing conversations, or spend time regularly “checking” the timelines, etc.

Like we’ve said previously – we blast out a few social media posts each week (through an automated system), but those posts are not “us” typing them in and publishing. All done via scheduling and programming.

social media zombies - Not caring about social media?

Easy to understand why

We have “checked out” some timelines in the past. As well as other streams that focus on particular subjects. To see what the “Twittersphere” or other online cesspool is “talking about.”

And I’m not proud to admit it, but if you allow yourself – it’s insanely easy to get caught up in the mind-numbing scope of what it truly is. Millions of people talking over one another. Microsecond reactions (and microsecond “what did you just say” type mentality.) Hardly anything substantial.

About every couple months, something sucks me into checking out some kind of social stream – and you can become numb considering how endless it seems (for hours if you’re not careful).

Luckily for us, that does not happen. Only a few minutes, and then you realize “fuck these free bloggers!”

Why aren’t more people kicking that crap to the curb?

You ever wonder why like millions of people each month don’t wake up and look themselves in the mirror and ask “Why am I allowing myself to be consumed??”
social media in the trash - Not caring about social media?
And just disconnect themselves from that downward spiral? Cold-turkey?

Well, there are a few reasons:

  1. Most people are complete programmable dumb-asses. Puppets without even knowing how to discern whether they’re puppets or not. Sheep.
  2. A time-tested psychological “trick” that subconsciously coaxes even strong individuals into the “hive mind.” Also “FOMO” (Fear of missing out).
  3. Life sucks enough for most already – why not have an outlet to drown your sorrows?

I could go on…

And yes, I know many think “well, this is how it is now, get used to it.” Or “embrace or get left behind.”

We disagree. Life as it was before didn’t disappear when the newfangled things came along. They might have been overlooked, but there are plenty of reasons to tread lightly and observe what is taking place from a distance.

And yes – some “progress” humanity makes is good. But I’ll always be in the camp that thinks that this kind of communication overload has more drawbacks than positives.

Simplifying your life will make a comeback eventually.

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