On Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali’s logic about keeping to your own

Anyone not living under a rock heard about the passing of boxing legend Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay) a week ago.

Famous people always get more attention when they expire. It’s just a fact of life.

1000’s of editorials, as always. Lengthy commentary and guest opinions on media outlets for sure (can’t verify since we don’t watch TV, but I can safely assume).

But I can bet that not many people talked about this interview from “ages” ago (many of you weren’t even alive at this point).

Muhammad Ali had one of the most logical viewpoints about “cross-breeding,” or what most of you can relate to today as “diversity.”

Regardless of his religious affiliations (or “differences” as some might call), his logic for “staying within your own kind” makes so much sense. It probably would make many people in need of ambulatory care if they saw this.

Not only that – no one was rioting because of what he said. Imagine if a white person said this? There would be chaos abound.

Can anyone find fault in his ideals?

(The video may have poor audio and need volume adjustment…)

Muhammed Ali Racist or Realist - On Muhammad Ali

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