Are cell phones dangerous?


[Note: This is a Hoboken411 reader contributed article. Reader “Electric Eye” isn’t working this week, and will be submitting one or more “vacation articles” each day! Thanks!]

Microwaving your head

Just came across this video of how to pop corn with your cellphone. With all the people I see walking around Hoboken, here is a heads up, I would think twice about using that cell for long periods of time. Of course the officials say there is no danger from cellphone use and you believe them of course. For what reason would they have to lie to you, hummmm?

Think about this for a second, I know, it might be hard if you use your cell alot, but what the cellphone antenna is doing is actually causing the water molecules in the corn kernel to boil and explode, What do you think it is doing to your head?

[411 note: I happen to think this video arranged, however, do we really know the long-term affects of cell phone usage? Imagine if we all get brain tumors by the year 2010?]

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I have yet to hear of a case where someone on the other end of a cell phone conversation screamed to the driver “watch out for that guy in the crosswalk!!!”.

As for someone sitting in the car next to the driver, though…


They have done studies that show that when drivers are talking on the phone they get tunnel vision. This occurs with hands free and hand held phones. I would say that 90% of the time I get stuck behind a person driving erratically they are on the phone. Also more people are injured in driving while talking related accidents in this country then drunk driving. So if the stats are correct it’s safer to drink and drive then talk on the phone while driving. 😉


TheGreatCO unintentional “current” not unintentional “magentism”. Also cellphones are directional. They do not spread out their signals evenly in all directions.

I have a meter here in front of me and I just tested two different models. Blackberry 8800 on GSM 1900 mhz band, it is putting out nearly .62 mw/cm squared microwave and nearly a 90 milliguass magnetic signal. The signal is directional, it eminates strongly out of the base of the unit which means it is blasting right into your skull.

I also tested a Verizon LG phone on CDMA 1900 mhz band and it puts out about .65 mw/cm squared and another strong magnetic reading of about 100 milliguass, the antenna is pointing away from your skull but the signal emaniting out of the base is still strong.

The US standards are nearly 1000 times higher than the Russian standards for safe microwave exposure, and the jury is still out on safe magnetic exposure, but the evidence is mounting on the effects on brain chemistry and electric signals and it is not good.

ron mexico2
ron mexico2

Do you one handed drivers have brody knobs for making turns?


Until I hit 5th gear I do not ever place both hands on the wheel… Maybe sticks should be the next thing deemed illegal. 😆

As for the disembodied person – for me, and I might be alone in this, I find that if I’m with someone who is driving they tend to look at me as they talk (and I sometimes look at them when I drive)… that is FAR more dangerous than talking on the phone. I’ve curbed my habit of looking, but still. . .

Since I don’t drive often, I tend to not use my cell. I just don’t feel as comfortable with it as I used to feel.