Hoboken Farms {Big Basil!}

Hoboken Farms releases “Big Basil” sauce

Since entering the sauce arena years ago, Hoboken Farms was riding high with their Big Red sauce.

It won top acclaim from all over the country, including being named the best jarred sauce you can get from the Wall Street Journal.

Well, this year – Hoboken Farms introduced a new flavor: Big Basil (and we also tested their Big Boss vodka sauce).

Hoboken Farms Sauce new big basil big boss - Hoboken Farms {Big Basil!}

Here’s the scoop about Big Basil:

“Hoboken Farms’ newest basil-based sauce uses their flagship “mother sauce” BIG RED Marinara, a chunky red sauce balanced by lots and lots and LOTS of pure olive oil, plus the perfect amount of garlic and onion, and adds ten times the fresh basil to deliver that unique and unmatched BIG BASIL flavor explosion.

In addition to BIG BASIL and BIG RED Marinara, Hoboken Farms rounds out its “sauce-um” offerings with their BIG BOSS VODKA Sauce, which is loaded with plum tomatoes, heavy cream, parmesan, romano, a pinch of red pepper – and of course – the perfect amount of filtered vodka added at the exactly right time.

Hoboken Farms operates in 30 weekly farmers markets across New Jersey and NYC. Their signature BIG sauces are also available in local markets such as Whole Foods, ShopRite and Kings – as well as their internet store: hobokenfarms.net.

We tried both recently and absolutely love them (photos from Big Boss – we devoured the Big Basil too fast to remember photographing…)

Hoboken Farms Big Basil

I always taste a sauce cold – right out of the jar. And wow, the flavor of the new Big Basil sauces is out of this world – you cannot believe it’s a jarred sauce!

The home-made texture, with a tangy, “pure” flavor makes you want to lick your plate.

One of the reviews even stated that someone was able to pass it off as home-made. Crazy!

Not a hint of any robots involved in the recipe. Gluten-free as well.

Hoboken Farms Big Boss (vodka)

Strong tomato flavor, with just a “hint” of cream. Same chunky texture as the other two sauces as well. You could even call it “Big Red” with a splash of cream & cheese.

Perfect for those who want a slightly more softer, subtle taste.

We “paired” our Big Boss dinner with some Organic Edamame & Mung Bean Fettuccine. We did this for both the low-carb and gluten-free guests.

Important to keep that in mind when you make your dinner, as some pastas might overwhelm any sauce (our fettuccine would have been better suited from a pesto-like sauce, or with just plain butter). If you want the sauce to dominate – you ought to pick a more tepid “delivery mechanism.” This would work perfectly as a companion to “parmigiana” style dishes like chicken or eggplant parm. You can even make your own home-made pizzas as well.

Our favorite wine at the moment is Gnarly Head’s 1924 Double Black Red Blend. 15% alcohol and under $10 cannot be beat. Regardless of what anyone tries to tell you about “pairing,” red wine doesn’t need it. Works every day, with any and all meals.

Why we love Hoboken Farms Sauces

What makes the sauces from Hoboken Farms special – is the quality and no-nonsense authenticity put into them.

They also don’t overwhelm you with over-seasoning as some sauces might. This makes it a good “baseline” for all to start with, as some may not want too much salt, etc. But it leaves room for others to “tweak” to their liking (more cream, hot pepper, etc.) You can always add – but you can’t take away!

Tastes are subjective, which is why to become a widely-acclaimed product, you have to go light, or you’ll offend some taste buds.

Plus, with no artificial ingredients (or suspicious taste “enhancers”) you really ought to enjoy quality sauces like Hoboken Farms gently and slowly in order to truly appreciate what’s going on!

Pick up a jar today and share your thoughts!

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