Reversing “Daylight Savings Time”

Should “Daylight Savings Time” be reversed?

Last year, we pondered about the idea of getting rid of daylight savings time – that it’s been played out and is pretty much unnecessary.

But what about instituting a reverse daylight savings time?

I kind of like this idea, as it would help reduce the dreadful early nights in the winter. The petition only got 17 signatures out of the 100,000 needed.

“This petition is intended to produce legislative change with regard to the current system of Daylight Saving Time so we actually Fall FORWARD (move clocks AHEAD in November) and Spring BACK (move clocks BACK in March), which is the complete opposite of the current system. The primary reasons for this are two-fold: (1) create a system in which Americans experience MORE sunlight in the afternoon/evening hours during wintertime so people can get outside in daylight hours more frequently year-round, and (2) reduce the overall “gap” between sunset times at winter and summer solstices in an attempt to better sync our natural human circadian rhythm with the artificial impact of time on the human body. This would most effectively be done by skipping a fall and starting in the next spring.

Do you like that idea? Or should we keep it the way it is? Or how about just not meddling with the time whatsoever?

reverse daylight savings time

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