Hoboken Legal Beagle – 6/13/2008


One reader asks what’s going on with the locking of Sinatra Field.


Why is Sinatra Park locked?

“I have noticed that since the installation of the new FieldTurf at Sinatra Park, certain groups are keeping the field locked except when in use by certain people or groups. I as did many other residents was accustomed to using the park as open space as it is a great place to go kick or throw a ball with my wife or children. People often used it to jog, exercise, throw a frisbee etc. when it was not in use for games. This was always in accordance with the posted city sign saying it was open to the public for recreational use. I have now noticed that people wanting to do this need to go elsewhere or jump a locked fence… which many people choose to do. It was a great image this holiday seeing parents boosting their toddlers over a locked fence to play. The legal question is this… since I am unaware of any change in the city ordinance, can this people or even myself if I chose to do this, be charged with any crime? Is it trespassing even though it is a city park? Can a city department or a private group affiliated with a city department arbitrarily choose to begin locking a park and denying access to residents and taxpayers? Curious…. would really like to avoid a trespassing charge or perhaps avoid a group of toddlers from getting marched before the judge…”

411 Legal Beagle says:

Hoboken Hoboken411 Legal BeagleI mean really what kind of language is “certain groups are keeping the field locked except when in use by certain people or groups?”

Don’t be afraid of the big bad wolf, Hoboken411 keeps it all confidential so come on tell us who are these certain people and certain groups and I, along with an activist core here at Hoboken411 will put and end to these certain scoundrels. In America, the government cannot act arbitrarily, if it does, people write letters, complain, run for office, or demonstrate.

But before you commit yourself to life of crime as a revolutionary civil rights activist, try asking people in City Hall about your concerns.

In fact ask your local councilperson or in fact any councilperson, I am sure they would help!

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Please, don’t jump the fence. It was really not fun one time when a kid fell and broke a bone or two inside the skating park while it was locked up. My young EMS partner and a cop jumped over the fence to provide immediate assistance, but we couldn’t get in there with a stretcher until after the fire department got there and broke the lock. That kid was hurting in there until we could get him out.


I don’t see the problem. Just jump the fence. It’s not difficult. I haven’t been there in a year, but we had to always do this to play basketball on the skating rink on 2nd and Adams

Biffy B For Mayor
Biffy B For Mayor


Dr. Midnight
Dr. Midnight

Would this certain group be the Freemasons ?

Red Haven
Red Haven

Legal Beagle is right. You need to name names. My guess is this is Dave Roberts’ way of thanking the people who rounded up a soccer posse to intimidate the City Council into spending $300k on the new field turf.

If this park was built with Green Acres funds it needs to remain unlocked during the day.

Call the Mayor’s office and complain. You won’t get the Mayor though. It’s a Friday, which means he’s in Mantoloking by now. If you don’t like the answer you get call your councilperson or show up at the next meeting on Wednesday to complain.