How is it “racist” to want “borders?”

How is it “racist” to want “borders?”

Simple food for thought: How is it “racist” to want “borders?”

I dabbled in some “mainstream” news outlets the other day, and saw all these illegal protesters (“agitators” organized by an external entity of course), violently trying to disrupt a Trump rally.

They went only as far as assaulting people with eggs and debris. Criminal acts, but no one got charged…

what is wrong with borders

What is wrong with a country having an immigration system?



See, I don’t have an issue if a country (ours in particular) had a sustainable system in place.

If you want to be a part of this so-called country – you have conditions you need to meet. Additionally, we need to decide on how many per year are allowed to “set up shop” within our borders.

Also – people requesting citizenship inside a country – typically had to show that they would be able to be PRODUCTIVE and contributing members of society. Think: Would you allow some stranger to stay in your home? You’d want them to maybe pay some rent, help out around the house, right? Not just eat your food and mess up your property. Why do you have door locks?

I don’t think the people loudly shouting their support for welcoming refugees are able to mentally make that comparison. No, “it’s someone else’s problem.” Until it becomes theirs (and they get raped, robbed or assaulted by one of the immigrants.)

One World



What if the entire world was one? No borders. One giant melting pot of this and that.

How do you think that would work?

Gone would be traditions, lineage, and individuals, don’t you think?

Was it that wrong to have different ethnic cultures, history and more? To mix things up causes huge problems, especially when the “religions” are so completely different. Incompatible, in fact.

It’s a complex situation that I doubt anyone could grasp how to handle.

But the worst part is the growing polarity which is disrupting the few good things going on this planet. The violence, and more.

For sure, it’s a much larger discussion – and most certainly the “warring” governments and top corporate and financial powerhouses have a lot to do with all of this as well.

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“It’s a complex situation that I doubt anyone could grasp how to handle.”

I think lots of people can.

“That’s what separate countries are for” is not a difficult concept for people grounded in reality, and are willing to believe what their eyes tell them, rather than, say, the Star Ledger Editorial Board, which is hopelessly lost to leftoid fantasy.