Drug use at Hoboken parks


I’m sure many of you have seen the plethora of discarded drug bags all over the city.

Last week, I went down to Pier A park to get an afternoon of fishing in (instead of covering the Mile-Square Film-Festival… smart choice, right?) There were countless little “dime bags” such as this spewn throughout the parks pathways (along with beer bottle-caps too). Not sure if it was marijuana, or something much worse, like cocaine or crack.

Despite the Hoboken Police-force performing routine “detail checks” of each city park multiple times per day (they drive through in their air-conditioned, ozone-depleting squad cars), illegal public consumption of drugs and alcohol still seems to be rampant. “Mommy, what are all those bags on the sidewalk?”

What is this, Irvington?


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“they drive through in their air-conditioned, ozone-depleting squad cars”

your rhetoric is tiring and juvenile

fyi this website does not count as an action
these posts are nothing more than spectatorial lip service


[quote comment=”87041″]But god forbid you drink a beer on your stoop![/quote]

Seriously. Enforcement of that so-called rule is the biggest revenue grab. OK, second-biggest: Forcing people who make stupid mistakes and drink in public on Hoboken St. Patty’s Day to pay the ridiculous amount of $1,000 tops that easily.


[quote comment=”86966″][quote comment=”86963″]At least he cought a buzz[/quote]
The only buzz I caught was the happiness that I don’t have to work in an office all day, or report to “the man.”

We were fishing for blue fish, from what I was told. But the water was so murky, I’m sure the fish had no clue what was around them.

Diet Pepsi just doesn’t give the caffeine buzz it used to.[/quote]
That just doesn’t sound right. When ever I am out on a boat fishing or maybe doing a little surf fishing down the shore, the least I can do is have a few brews. That way in the event we get skunked and come home empty handed at least we ‘cought a buzz’. I would suggest an upgrade to the Diet Pepsi when fishing. I am a bit jealous that you did not have to report to the ‘man’. But hey, I get to play golf from time to time on the ‘man’, that has to count for something.


[quote comment=”87034″]aren’t the parks closed to the public at dusk ?[/quote]

if it is, they don’t enforce it—thank god for the sound of air conditioners because i live across from church square park and in the summer time, people are there ALL night. it’s a damn spike lee movie after 10! although sat night, there were a pack of hippies sitting there in a drum circle, i wish cartman was around.


But god forbid you drink a beer on your stoop!