White Man Group

White Man Group dances in Hoboken

Anyone that stuck around this past Memorial Day weekend (and were in the vicinity of Pier A Park) got to see an exhibition in the performance area at the end.

Basically it was five black guys wearing tight black suites, white sneakers and had white stockings over their heads.

Sort of reminded me about “Blue Man Group,” which is why I’m referring to this as “White Man Group.”

The creative avenues human beings have are interesting. Some turn to dance, others music, writing, art work, etc. Sure is a whole lot better than vegging out on the sofa watching TV.

But I’m wondering if anyone would consider that “racist?” If white guys did it and put on black stockings – would there be outrage?

Who knows, but no one was complaining while we were there.

White Man Group Hoboken NJ Pier A Park Memorial Day Weekend

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