Sprinkler issues

Sprinkler issues in Hoboken

We’ve documented many times in the past how the city just can’t seem to keep the water fountains and sprinklers working.

It probably has more to do with the shoddy contractors initially hired than it does the skeleton crew that has to maintain them. But many are either not working at all – and others seem to run too much!

Pier A Park

This past (hot) Memorial Day Weekend saw no action at Pier A Park. Will they ever fix that? It’s the “flagship” park in Hoboken!

pier a park sprinkler broken hoboken NJ

Sinatra Park

Same was true for the shady water play area over at Sinatra Park.

broken sprinkler sinatra park Hoboken NJ

(note: it was operational again this week – but consistently has issues and is likely to break again…)

Church Square Park

The dog fountain over at Church Square Park seems to have a pretty bad leak issue, causing the park to get muddy.

broken dog park fountain hoboken NJ church square park

Also at Church Square Park the kiddie fountains apparently are having problems shutting off – as we saw it running at night several times. Water conservation anyone?

malfunctioning sprinkler church square park Hoboken NJ

Pier C Park

And over at Pier C Park – the little fountain that is supposed to work for a few seconds when you pressed the button – also didn’t shut off at all.

broken sprinkler pier c park hoboken NJ

What’s the problem? How hard is it to fix basic plumbing?

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Saturday, June 4, 2016 12:06 am

If the photos are accurate, these conditions have everything to do with poor maintenance. You simply cannot operate a park system which hosts thousands of users each day with a skeleton staff.. Be.fore we, the taxpayers of this town, allow Zimmer to build anymore parks we should first demand that she and her staff learn how to take care of the parks we already have in town

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