60 Second Review: Empanadas Cafe

60 Second Review: Empanadas Cafe

spicy empanada Hoboken NJWe decided to test out the empanadas cafe in Hoboken despite the blood-sugar raising effect of eating carby items… (you might recall some folks got almost violently angry that we jokingly called empanadas “Mexican White Castles.”)

Whatever the case – I was impressed with Empanadas Cafe. Mainly with their brilliant business model: Make a tasty high-profit item and sell thousands of them a week.

They had a nice selection for all tastes: Spinach, crab, bacon & egg, tuna, ham & cheese, Philly cheese steak, spicy chorizo, spicy chicken, pancetta & ricotta, and many more flavors. I think that they probably had an option for everyone in town.

Also clever is how they clearly “burn in” the name of each empanada – eliminating confusion if buying for a group of people.

The prices were fair (just $3) and the portion size was respectable. I’m sure you can order in bulk (i.e., catered) and receive some kind of per-unit break.

We enjoyed our spicy empanada – although only extremely rare occasions do we purposely ingest bread-based products. But it was only a few ounces of dough to contend with, and maybe we’ll try again in a few weeks (the spinach ones sound tasty). See? This is why you need to be vigilant with addictive foods!

PS – this is a business goldmine. Find an area with decent traffic (and no empanadas shop), and be sure to invite us to the tropical island you buy once you retire!)

Empanadas Cafe Hoboken 60 second review

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