Hoboken streets are always jammed!

Almost no matter what time of day – the jackson street intersection downtown is always jammed. A colossal fail!

Thanks to bike lanes and narrow roads – along with added volume from new construction – this area will only get worse over time.

Fancy markings or even freshly paved roads do not overcome physics.

They should at least consider widening the roads if possible. Adding another lane to outbound Newark Street would be a good idea.

And at some given point in time those railroad trestles might have to be re-thought as well.

But don’t worry – the cars will be a thing of the past as everyone trades theirs in for bicycles!

hoboken streets always jammed 1 - ALWAYS JAMMED

hoboken streets always jammed 2 - ALWAYS JAMMED

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Thursday, June 9, 2016 2:01 pm

Odd i have been working at home and have not seen any of this during weekdays. Shocking, congestion at peak times.

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