Gay Questions

Gay questions – what is the “cause” of homosexuality?

We attended a large, diverse BBQ this past holiday weekend. A lot of people.

And what started as a small discussion – turned into a very big “debate” among many attendees. Surprisingly with incredibly civil discourse.

The topic was “What is the cause of homosexuality?” Gay questions indeed.

gay questions - Gay Questions

I’ll try to outline all the “viewpoints” that I can recall – but it was fascinating to say the least. So many reasons out there for this phenomenon.

  • Initially the debate centered on whether homosexuality (gayness – the sexual desire for the same sex) was natural or “manufactured.” A wide range of explanations were offered. Number one being “media” and “mass infiltration” (via school or other avenues). Those favoring that reason said that the discussion especially around young people vastly out-weighed the statistical significance of “gay” people – and was unwarranted being such a non-stop topic around developing minds.
  • Others added that “chemical effects” also contributed (especially to hormone levels). Citing that that was the reason many females are more masculine and many men are more feminine. Blaming “Big Ag” and processed, chemically-laden “cheap and easy” food products and their long-term effects on the human body.
  • One person suggested it is a by-product of how a child is grown in the embryo – and how all babies are essentially “girls” until the switch is made… “They were born that way.” But they didn’t offer explanations to the reverse.
  • gay questions america - Gay Questions

  • The discussion turned a bit more political as the afternoon progressed. One conspiracy theorist was adamant (yet still civil) that the “gay” movement was put into place by those who want to destroy the “nationality” of a country. By killing the “family unit.” They agreed that it could be chemical, media and all other methods to make being gay acceptable. Interesting.
  • After that – one girl suggested that it was like a snowball effect. That as people take sides with one perspective or another – the tribal wars begin, and people “dig in” and further fortify their opinions.
  • Her cynical boyfriend later added (rightfully so), that “people don’t know jack shit about who they are or what they want – and will often just follow what is perceived to be trendy or “in.”” I certainly can see that happening, because I personally see tons of people just blindly following practically anything “just because.” Probably not most older people, but you’d be surprised how stupid most people walking around truly are! Good point indeed!
  • Another guy then posed a question that if “everyone was gay” 1000 years ago – that the human species would be extinct by now. Adding that due to modern medical advancements, even gay people can “have children” thanks to those who are either not gay, or women willing to be surrogate mothers. So where would we be today without?
  • A couple people cited “medical studies” documenting the causes of homosexuality. Surpisingly enough they were the most “bashed” (if you will), as many others in the group pointed out the long list of WRONG medical conclusions of years past. They eventually realized their mistaken gullibility to believing anything that is reported from the medical industry (which should be taken with a huge grain of salt and a healthy dose of “follow the money…”)
  • As the night progressed – it was natural to expect that someone brought up the completely pervasive “social media” and other non-stop communication abilities humans have now. That the discussion has been able to reach the widest audience in the history of man, but at the same time has reached mankind when they collectively have the lowest attention span or cognitive deep-thinking ability in history. A double-edged sword of the worst variety.
  • My favorite point of the night was that the whole “gay movement” (whatever the cause), gave an “outlet” to those who were “weakest” (i.e., least masculine of the men, and most butchy of the women) to have an “out.” To be accepted somewhere. If the “weak” men were last on the dance card for a decent woman, just throw in the towel and find a weaker man and take it from there. Why be a punching bag to a woman, when I can be the “alpha” in a psychotic gay relationship? Problem solved!
  • The host of the party said that it was all by design. That the reason why (including all the chemical, media and other false manufacturing of gay people) was indeed part of the big plan. That the whole “victimization” of any minority is now the majority of topics. That included race, sexual orientation, obesity, whatever could be taken advantage of. People were mostly drunk at this point and kind of laughed at her. I kind of saw their point when I realized that even fatties need to get attention for their own mistakes “I need to be accepted! Look at my cellulite in this obscene lingerie!”

At the end – no one really gave a shit. (Everyone in the discussion was straight as an arrow – most with children and happy marriages…) But the viewpoints were nonetheless interesting for sure.

So where do you stand with all this? Do you have any gay questions? Despite religion, media, natural selection, “mother nature,” and all that?

Why is being gay now more prevalent than ever? Were people always gay but never “came out?” Or perhaps they didn’t understand their underlying desires? Or is this all a fucked up societal screw-fest?

You have gay questions - Gay Questions

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