Hoboken Week in Review – 6/8/2008


Summer arrived early this year, much to my dissatisfaction. Four straight 90-degree days are predicted! Luckily it appears it’ll return to the low 80’s for the 10 days after. Whew!

Yet another whimsical week in “Carnival Hoboken.” Politics as cut-throat as ever, city employees under the gun, and trouble with the city coffers. What’s a guy like me to do? Take a vacation? Nah, that’d be nutty.

Here’s your perfectly seasoned weekly snapshot of the spicy topics in and around the mile square.

Taking a week off from work? Have much to say about Hoboken? Want it published on the most-read site? Check this post out to find out what I’m looking for! Hey, it certainly will be fun!


Here are the Top 10 new, bumped or re-treaded postings this week that had the most diverse and hottest overall discussion in Hoboken!

Hottest topics of the week

  1. LaBruno still swatting around
    SWAT Investigation report “leaked” (like everything else in this town). It confirms pretty much what we all presumed. Yawn. Next hot Hoboken Christmas item: MadLibs: Swat & Police edition. Fill in the slurs, the whatchamacallits, and (insert attitude here).
  2. Shiniest shovels on the east coast
    The “dignitaries” lined up and chatted about the Clearview Cinemas theater that will be “coming soon.”
  3. Merry Meeting-go-round
    Hoboken should see a surge of back-operations as residents are subject to a myriad of marathon council meetings in what may be the most uncomfortable room on earth.
  4. The fixed race is over
    Hudson County Freeholder Primary was last week. Two of the candidates suspect foul play with the outcome.
  5. Abusing privileges?
    One resident was miffed out of control because one handicapped driver received exclusive “courtesies” from city hall honchos.
  6. The Empire scales back
    The hits keep coming for one local health club. Horrific allegations, reports of poor management, all to be seen on a consumer advocacy website.
  7. Who’s sicker? The patients, or the hospital itself?
    Boy, our HUMC hospital smells more like a fish-market on days like this.
  8. Quiet no more
    Previously mediocre watering hole gets some critical life injections as it transforms into “Northern Soul.”
  9. Top 5: Rants about Hoboken
    Off the top of my head, I spewed out five things about Hoboken that irked me at the moment. Many more readers added their own.
  10. Leagle Beagle is not making friends
    The furry legal columnist on Hoboken411 isn’t “pleasing them all” by any means, however still has a mini fan-club.


This week

Other than (yet another) special council meeting, this is about all I could suggest:

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