You can’t be alone!

You can’t be alone in Hoboken anymore!

The other day, I was cleaning my kitchen. Swiping up the cauliflower bits, spicy sauce from the BBQ spare ribs, etc.

I was alone.

Not only was I by myself (dogs in other room), but I was alone in the connected world as well. No phone, laptop, Amazon Echo, nothing. Just me and my room and implements.

That is what inspired this post. Being truly “alone!”

you cant be alone - You can't be alone!

What are the benefits of being connected 24/7?

I can see the wheels turning in people’s heads as I type.

“I cannot be without my updates!” or,

“What if I miss a post from: ______________?”

Or a myriad of other weak arguments….

90% of the population cannot be alone

I’ve concluded that this “connected” lifestyle we’ve been conditioned to live, love and partake in – is impossible to overcome (for most people).

If I chose 100 random folks off the streets in any city – I would bet (without monetary reward) that at least 90 would not give up their cell for one day. And even with a $20 reward, 85 percent would still say no.

Why is that?

The benefits of being alone (really)

Being alone is great. No distractions. Your own thoughts, visions, observations.

That is gone for most people. They have a “ding” (a la Pavlov’s Dog) which reminds them something else is there. Even if they don’t “check it,” they still think about it for a significant period.

Being alone without distraction is the best thing ever. For long stretches, and day after day. It allows you to rationalize, contemplate, and enter deep-thought modes.

Coming to “quick” decisions is great in many business environments – but not for most “human” moments. Other than survival and so on – humans have always fared best when thought can happen naturally and free-flowing. Not because of external pressures.

So all the people I speak with regarding technology, “apps” or whatever – is to suggest they find a way to curtail (almost to the point of non-use) their mobile device usage. It’ll save you money and enhance your overall well-being. We promise!

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