Memorial Day: Always an “official” holiday?

Will Memorial Day always be an “official” holiday?

You know how they’ve slowly modified America’s national holidays over time?

Like how Lincoln’s and Washington’s birthdays were consolidated into “President’s Day?”

Or how it’s now taboo to even say “Merry Christmas,” and now “Happy Holidays” is the approved “all inclusive” way of recognizing that time of year?

Well – I wonder if Memorial Day (today) – a day to remember …. will also get “replaced,” as new more politically-correct things creep up the ladder of public consensus.

Possible new holidays that will replace Memorial Day (and others)

Can you see national holidays like these in your future?

  • National Transgender Day – a day to celebrate flawed people who enjoy using bathrooms designated for the opposite sex. Additionally – used to recruit more people who are “unsure” of themselves to “come to the other side…”
  • Melting Pot Day – celebrating those who have lineage from 10 or more countries. Who needs history and tradition, when you can just suck the tit of the system!
  • Equality Day – Celebrating the weak, damaged and infinitesimal in quantity – while chastising the strong and majority! Fuck facts and logic!
  • Poor Excuses Make Compelling Arguments Day – A national day of recognition for those who have failed (and got fat, can’t keep jobs, and expect everything to be handed to them on a silver platter while contributing jack shit), and like to point their fingers outward at the rest of the world for their “faults!” Hooray!
  • “Sounds Good To Me Day” – In the interim, until more people join cult-like mentalities such as (sustainability, inclusiveness, Organic, Gluten-Free, Renewable, Trophy for Everyone, Cash for Clunkers, etc.) this day will be for all people who blindly followed some kind of trend just because it “sounded good to them.” Congrats on being an easy target!
  • “Shape Me Please Day” – This may actually already be a 365-day holiday, but not officially recognized yet. This is the net effect of how internet marketing (social media trends, etc.) can quickly and easily cause millions of human beings copy a trend, style or mentality. Unkempt (and smelly) beards. Skinny jeans. Thick-rimmed glasses. Gross tattoos. Multiple piercings. Pale skin. Lack of personality. I could go on. But the “Shape Me Please Day” would be perfect, so everyone can celebrate their lack of free will and susceptibility to external influence without rational thought. Sounds good to me!
  • “You Win Day!” – A perfect new holiday for those who have succumbed to “TPTB” (The Powers That Be.) These people no longer challenge authority, read (real – not scrubbed) history books, or fight for their humanistic rights. They are willing pawns and will do as they’re told. This holiday is for them (I think it represents 80% of the population – so it should be huge with marketing departments for sure!)

You have any good holidays that would replace the tried-and-true Memorial Day?

Have any ways to just kick those soldiers to the curb where they belong?

Share your ideas in the comments section and we’ll see what happens next.

Enjoy your “extra” day off today, and don’t forget to hydrate properly in order avoid an unpleasant visit to the dreaded HR department!

memorial day holiday removed from america - Memorial Day: Always an "official" holiday?

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