New Canary store in Hoboken

Not sure if this new Canary store (114 Washington – formerly Scottrade and Sprint Wireless) is just a temporary “pop up” or a permanent location for this NYC based firm.

What is Canary exactly?

Well, Canary is an “Internet of Things” (IoT) device to keep you glued to your smartphone with “security” as the premise.

Canary is a box (sort of like Amazon Echo) that you plug in – tap into your internet either wireless or via ethernet cable. It then will “keep you safe” by arming automatically, filming continuous video and “notifying” you if someone breaks into your house. It costs $199 and comes with a limited amount of “cloud” storage for the video. You can pay extra for longer video storage packages.

Canary Hoboken securty app

Why Canary and all IoT devices should be avoided

We would NEVER buy this device for the long-shot chance that it will “solve” a burglary or save our lives.


Because nothing in “the cloud” should ever be trusted – despite what companies like this like to promise as “secure.”

There are way too many examples of cloud “breaches” to mention, but if you’re not living under a rock, you have certainly heard about at least one.

You’re much better off securing your home using the tried and true methods that have been in existence forever.

  • Quality locks and door hardware. Invest in rugged door locks – and if possible, metal door frames for the entrance to your apartment.
  • Avoid ground floor apartments, they’re easier to access.
  • Employ a security routine, where you manually check your windows (especially near fire escapes) to ensure they’re locked.
  • Dogs are one of the best deterrents. Knowing your neighbors and watching each other’s backs also helps (when you’re not distracted by your phone).

For single-family brownstones, the same ideas apply.

In the end, we feel that “security” is a much over-hyped fear-inducing industry. Most of the world is not out to “get you,” and a few simple tricks can make your home a difficult target before a potential thief moves on to an easier subject.

Plus, having one less “app” to take you away from real life is an added bonus. Some smart people out there are looking for ways to reduce “dependence” on digital assistants like this rather than add more.

To live life rather than worry about it is the best way to go!

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I stopped in. It’s just a pop up but the guy said there were discounts as long as they are there. I’ve known about the brand for some time and although I haven’t used it, the company is pretty solid. It’s a good option for home security that actually alerts you about things in real time. If you have pets for example you should know if the temperature changes rapidly – especially in the summer and while an alarm is great for making noise I want video of the guilty party so they can go to jail. I’ve had 3 things stolen from my small, controlled access apartment on Jefferson St. Even when I found one of the items on Craigslist [retail value greater than 5 grand] the cops weren’t able to help so I had to go to Brooklyn and get it. For those reasons I recommend stopping by and seeing if a canary is a good option for your situation.