Hope and Snoop Saved!

6/16/2008 Update:

Here’s a nice way to end the day!

“Thanks so much for posting Hope and Snoop. Thought I’d let you know they were saved at the 11th hour. Popcorn Park Zoo was going to take them in and then they found a real home. A couple who run a grooming business in Western Pennsylvania adopted them. They went to their new home on Thursday.”


Anyone want to save these veteran dogs from euthanization?

I did my best to check to make sure this isn’t a scam… one other link on Craigslist.. that’s all. But I received this email last night:


Hope and Snoop

“I am hoping you can help by posting this story. I am a Hoboken resident and a fan of your site. I am trying to help find a home or foster care for two senior dogs that desperately need help. They are scheduled to be euthanized in several days.

The dogs live at a halfway house that is closing down and they must either find a home in the next few days or be euthanized. The people have searched for over a month, and contacted about 100 rescue groups/ shelters and no one can take the dogs. They also estimate 5,000 emails have gone around asking for help. It would be horrible to have to put them to sleep.

Snoop is 15 years old – he is a husky mix – he was rescued by the halfway house staff from a crack house 14 years ago. Snoop is very guarded at first when meeting new people, but he does warm up to everyone. Over 1,000 men have gone through the halfway house in the past 14 years and there was never a problem with Snoop. He is just very leery of anyone new. Hope is 10 and an unknown mixed breed.

Hope is very sweet and loves everyone right from the start. They are a bonded pair who have been together since they rescued Hope from an abandoned building when she was just a puppy. They have not been around other dogs, but have always been around cats, with no problems. They both have arthritis and Snoop has cataracts also.
They are neutered/spayed and up-to-date on their shots. They have seen/been around children but only when children came to the halfway house to visit their fathers, so it was not often.

I am hoping the Hoboken 411 readers will respond and someone will volunteer to take these dogs or foster them. The people from the halfway house only request that they receive no shelter references as they have contacted about 100 shelters.

Anyone interested should contact Lindy at linfork@aol.com

Thank you in advance for any help you may be able to give.”

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yay im so happy for them. look how beautiful they are!


Very happy reading this.. 😀


this really is great news!!!!! :mrgreen:

Tama Murden

Great News!