Terror, terrorist, terrorism

Terror, terrorist, terrorism – Whatever fits your agenda

Today, more than ever – words can (literally) fuck people up. Screw with their minds, incite violence, and be used and abused to fill an agenda.

Without getting into specific details – one “social media” user in Hoboken recently responded to a “tweet” about bicycles that turban-wearing “councilman at-large” Ravi “Pay to Play” Bhalla sent out, asking “how anyone in Hoboken allowed Bhalla” to even become part of the government. He then ended the sentence with “#terrorist.”

For those who don’t know – that stupid “hashtag” feature of Twatter is some way to “group” messages (no one ever heard of “search”), but now people are using those stupid-ass hashtags as passive-aggressive ways to send a message without really explaining anything in context. And they work!

(If you think creating a shit-storm of misunderstanding and completely unnecessary chats “working” in a productive way…)

Bhalla’s butt-buddies in the administration then “stood up” for him. Like this grown man needs any fucking help? Jeez Louise. This is what our world has come to, digital arguments about jack shit.

Hoboken Ravi Bhalla Terrorized by tweets using the word terrorist

What is a terrorist anyway?

Well – thanks to movies, TV, and mainstream media non-stop parroting of (what may very well be fake) “terrorists” causing mayhem around the world, everyone thinks “terrorist” for the most part is some Arab with a bomb strapped to his body. Good job shaping public perception. Yay!

You ever hear someone refer to their own child as “a terror?” Yeah, I’ve heard that. “My kid was terrorizing party guests last night… what a nightmare!”

Or “Man, those fat broads at the bar were terrorizing us last night! We couldn’t wait to leave!”

Or “I was terrorized by tele-marketers all day at work. What a pain!” You get the point. It’s a general phrase that has multiple purposes.

One definition of “terror” is: “A person or thing that is especially annoying or unpleasant.”
Hmm. That doesn’t sound RACIST now does it? Why does everyone jump on the fucking “racist” card so quick? Because it makes themselves feel better? Another “Social Justice Warrior” symptom to watch out for!

Well, then by that definition, I agree that Bhalla may very well be a person who advocates that kind of terrorism. Have you ever heard him speak or try to boss people around at a council meeting? Ho Lee Fuk!

And what about the non stop (terrorizing) “bike lane” bullshit?

Either way – I find the whole thing fascinating to watch (from afar), and am a bit concerned how this complete lack of proper discourse and patient, calm and rational thinking will pan out in the future. “Reacting” is so instant across the board these days – it will eventually cause problems for each and every one of us – even if it’s unintentional.

So watch your back (and stop terrorizing me please!)

(PS – read the Richard Mayberry series of books to have a simple understanding of the world around you today)

(PPS – Bet you anything some idiot out there will misinterpret something in this post too. It is inevitable!)

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Tuesday, May 24, 2016 12:24 am

After having the supposed culprit’s user name published and having him geo-located so that he could have reverse racism perpetrated upon him, Bhalla then says he pities the guy that he has also called ignorant – and then in a Jeckyl and Hyde moment asks him out to lunch!

Monday, May 23, 2016 8:52 pm

Yeah, having been ‘attacked’ by this guy and my former landlord (threatened with arrest for, you know, living in our former apartment and paying rent on time each month– that sorta thing, because my then-landlord wanted us out), I’d have to say… this guy is poop, the kind of poopy person who will learn a ton about life when he gets a horrible disease.

But, that’s just me.

Monday, May 23, 2016 1:49 pm

What a baby ravi is!

Monday, May 23, 2016 12:19 pm

I don’t see it as being racist either. Don’t terrorists come in all shapes, colors and sizes? From all around the world?

Monday, May 23, 2016 11:58 am

Come on really? Do you really think that the Twitter moron was referring to a particular council member who wears turban a terrorist because they Twitter idiot felt “terrorized” by the councilman’s policy positions? This Twitter person is an ignorant racist (who doesn’t even know the difference between a Sikh and an Arabic Muslim person).
Words are important to a civil society and discourse. We have freedom of speech, which allows idiots like this Twitter guy to show the world his ignorance, and for Hoboken 411 to show what level of discourse you put out by publishing articles that include coarse language and descriptors such as “butt buddies”.

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