Ad Hoc Identity

Identity Quiz: Facts vs. Fantasy

Since “identity” is in the “news” so much these days, test your knowledge! Which of the following five scenarios is correct? Which of them are absurd?

  1. A 13-year old kid walks into a liquor store and says: “I identify myself as a 25 year old. Now please sell me some cold 40’s!”
  2. A blind man stubles into a local DMV office and says: “I identify with a man who has 20/20 vision. Now can I please take my driver’s test?”
  3. A adult man walks into a ladies room and says: “I consider myself to be a woman, therefore I am permitted to walk into this room designated for women!”
  4. An able-bodied young woman goes to her HR department and says: “I’m not well. I identify with a person who is in a full body cast, and request 10 months off, with full disability benefits!”
  5. Some 22 year old dude is sick of working. He walks into the social security office and says: “I identify as a 71 year old. Now please cut me checks each month until I die!”

If you considered ANY of these scenarios “okay,” well you’re wrong.

It’s sad that “identifying” with common sense is off the table for some reason.

Swipe and tap. That’s all we’re left with.

ad hoc identity the world is going mad - Ad Hoc Identity

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