Why can’t it wait?

Why can’t it wait? {mobile phones while driving}

Yes, we’ve been quite clear about how we feel about the invasion of the smart phone – and the effects on society as a whole.

People cannot put their devices down – so intertwined in their every waking moment. Whether by necessity or curious addiction, the trend evidently won’t stop until we’re all robots (or dead).

But what bugs me more is how this infection has overcome ALL demographics for the most part.

cell phone driving

We all know the millennials (and under) actually will DIE if they do NOT have their phones or tablets. But it’s also affecting the entire spectrum.

I’ve seen senior citizens, soccer moms, and everyone in-between USE THEIR PHONES WHILE DRIVING.

That means taking their eyes off the road, to peck and swipe their devices.

Is it that hard to WAIT for a more sensible place to use your phone?

I understand people “need” to do whatever (text, respond, etc.), but why while driving (in motion?)

At the very least wait for a stop light.

But even better (because you’ll miss the green and will annoy the people behind you), is wait until you get to your destination – or fucking pull over or into a parking lot somewhere to “complete your task” on that stupid phone.

why can't it wait cell phone driving

Whatever is on the other end of that pending conversation – will be there when you have the time – and can wait.

However, this society has become so impatient – that if you don’t respond to whatever (texts, messages, etc.) within 60 seconds – it’s considered “rude!”

That expectation in itself is the RUDE part. To ever demand that people instantaneously be in a position to accommodate another’s requests is the most selfish thing ever. Not everyone may be willing to risk their lives (or others) to feed your narcissistic needs.

The bigger question is why aren’t more people self-examining this phenomenon, and their role in it?

And since this dangerous trend gets worse by the day, it’s proof positive that “Public Service Announcements” like these NEVER WORK!

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