Hoboken Flashback – May 2006

Hoboken Flashback – May 2006 {10 years ago!}

Today we take another trip down memory lane, with the assistance of some digital photographs that were taken back in the May 2006 time frame.

While Hoboken has dramatically changed – some things sort of stay the same!

Let’s see what we have today.

Hoboken views? Yeah, at a cost!

You used to feel all “airy” and open when you traveled along Hudson Street uptown in Hoboken. You could see the sky! Even the NYC skyline!

This is what it looked like when they started building Maxwell Place.

maxwell place 2006 hoboken NJ

Today? Canyon of buildings!

maxwell place 2016 hoboken NJ

Basement Bars struggle!

Way back in the day, the spot at 306 Park Avenue was called the Spinnin’ Spirits Cafe. It was a cafe, laundromat and bar! Who doesn’t like doing their laundry with nice red wine that pairs well with Downy sheets?

Anyway, that place has gone through a few failed attempts since – including the Basement Bar and The Fig Tree.

spinnin spirits cafe 306 park avenue hoboken nj

Some spots are in a doomed vortex

536 Washington (like 79 Hudson with Clem’s, Windmill, etc.) is a doomed vortex of some sort.

10 years ago this spot near 6th & Washington was Carpet Hut (which shortly became Chloe Rose afterward), and has since been a bunch of things, up to and including that wacky kitchen store – Copper Kettles. Nothing seems to last, partially, we believe, because of the Hoboken Historic Preservation Committee’s weird stance against changing that ugly window.

Today it’s an Asian Bubble Tea shop called KungFu Tea.

536 Washington Perpetually doomed in Hoboken NJ vortex

Helmers’ fire

Also this month a decade ago – was the devastating fire that gutted the building at 11th & Washington which Helmers’ German Restaurant called home.

They’ve since closed, and now it’s Sorellina’s Italian Kitchen & Wine Bar.

Hoboken Flashback 10 years 2016 2006 Helmers Fire

That’s it for this installment of Hoboken Flashback. We’ll keep the time machine warm for the next journey!

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