Right turn only – why?

Right Turn Only (are left turns too dangerous?)

You know the T-intersection at Sinatra Drive on the south side of Maxwell Place, right?

A great location to head down the waterfront. However, since the development of this property, this intersection has been “right turn only.”

While people definitely do not abide by this sign all the time (maybe that’s why it’s so tiny), I wonder what they were thinking by instituting that “rule?”

Sure, traffic does get backed up down Sinatra all the time, and it’s possible that cars sneaking out during rush hour would only cause a multitude of accidents.

But during off-hours, you can see clearly down the road in both directions – and can safely proceed without any chance of injury or accident.

Maybe they ought to change this. I like the “turn at your own risk” idea better. We’re more than capable of making the right decision. And if someone is not capable of doing the right thing, then perhaps they deserve it?

right turn only hoboken sinatra drive maxwell place

Sinatra Drive Right Turn Only Hoboken NJ

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