Hoboken budget expenses 2016

How much? Hoboken budget expenses 2016

hoboken budget 2016 - Hoboken budget expenses 2016For the longest time ever, almost everyone (including aspiring politicians) has said the Hoboken budget is too big, taxes are too high, and so on.

But the city of Hoboken is a corporation that hires and pays employees – with “legal” gangs that take money from lots of people and places.

And without getting into what’s horribly wrong with concept (and has been for 100’s of years), let’s see where exactly this money goes!

The 2016 Hoboken Budget is around $116 million bucks.

Where does the money come from?

  • About $56 million is expected to come from residential property taxpayers.
  • About $24 million are from “other local revenues”, which include fees for the larger commercial and other housing buildings as well as $5 million from court fines for petty crimes, and $6 million for the racket called “parking.”
  • Additionally, the city rakes in over $2 million a year for simple construction permits. What? I have to pay YOU to build on MY property? Insane.
  • Other revenue comes from the county, as well as other grants and so on.

The city wants to keep $10 million in the bank as a surplus. For them.

Hoboken budget money down the drain 2016 zimmer stan grossbard - Hoboken budget expenses 2016

Where does all that money go?

Jeez with all that moolah, don’t you think Hoboken would be a perfect utopia? Haha!

  • While everyone around is struggled to deal with the mess called the Affordable Healthcare Act – the city spends over $20 million dollars on healthcare for all city employees and their families. OUCH! The single largest expense. Feels great when you cut that quarterly check, eh?
  • Combined, the city spends $30 million a year on Police ($16.5 mil) and Fire ($13.5 mil) salaries. PLUS another $8.5 million a year for people that USED to work for the city – but are working somewhere else, or are retired in Boca Raton, Florida.
  • Plus – this so-called “green” “mayor” don Zimmer spends $1.5 million on gasoline, electricity and lighting. Where are those solar panels and wind farms they were crying about?
  • This is crazy – $1 million for the construction code office – which only brings in $2 million in permit fees. Sounds like some inefficiencies in that department for sure! Maybe they can lower those ever-rising fees a lot – or get rid of them entirely. So stupid and time-wasting that whole process is.
  • And of course, the city legal fees and attorney expenses are the highest ever in the history of Hoboken. You can send a thank-you note to the lousy “mayor” for that utter waste.
  • How this entire shame is allowed to continue year after year is amazing.

    (But the city has some nice “renderings” of parks that will probably never see the light of day!)

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    One fifth of the annual budget is purely for health insurance? Criminal.


    Yes, I asked for certain claims records to be pulled regarding the doctor that was delving out illegal drugs to police and fire. Hopefully with a TPA paying claim and having an element of self insurance these claims can be controlled. It does not help that NJ has crazy mandated benefits that cover expenses for non-medically necessary/inadvisable procedures. Getting out of the fully insured trap removes us from the mandated benefits trap also.


    The corruption of the parking authority is budgeted in! No matter how much the City is nailed on their fraud they continue to budget it in. They make partial restitution but continue the racket at a furious rate. %-6 percent of budget is HUGE with a huge portion of that invalid.