Maddening Milling Mistakes

Milling or not milling, that is the question in Hoboken

For around a week – the city had plastered the temporary no parking regulation signs all over town. Why?

Because some “milling” was going to happen on select streets. In case you didn’t know, milling is the first step before a new surface can be laid down. You know, the nice smooth streets that are promptly dug up – often within days after paving.

Anyway, the milling didn’t happen (at least on Grand St. in these photos).

You figure the city would be on top of this like white on rice – as to not inconvenience hundreds of drivers. Nope. All day yesterday the signs were up – the spaces were vacant – and no work was done.

To the credit of someone in the city, the signs did eventually come down last night, but not at the expense of a day of perfectly good parking spots.

Why can’t they nail this process down after decades of practice?

No Parking No Milling Hoboken NJ 1 - Maddening Milling Mistakes

No Parking No Milling Hoboken NJ 2 - Maddening Milling Mistakes

No Parking No Milling Hoboken NJ 3 - Maddening Milling Mistakes

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