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Fancy Drones – Why? Who? And When?

We said we liked drones on our post about how most modern tools are over-rated.

But I’ve been thinking about them a lot as of late.

You hear stories about “close calls” with aircraft, as well as privacy issues as drones have made perverted peeping toms lazy (and remotely more daring). Which is to be expected as the price comes down to a more accessible level, and the technology becomes even easier to operate.

Has the “coolness” factor of drones wore off?

Those out of the starting gate first (i.e., YouTubers, Real Estate marketers, etc.) already have a big head start on the rest of you.

So if you’re considering buying a drone to become the next YouTube drone sensation – you might as well save your money for beer.

Because yes, footage from drones can be awesome. If done right (people like Casey Neistat know how to do it right).

But they are expert video editors and exceptional story-tellers. Most of you aren’t even close.

One can only take so much of these 10-20 minute drone footage videos. Even if the visuals are cool in the beginning. Cool “sky high” material can get tiring in a hurry if you don’t package it properly. Even with a dreamy soundtrack!

So what’s the point about drones?

Well – my point is that you really should reserve the drone footage for personal use only.

Trying to make it big as a drone operator is not a smart career choice. Competition is too fierce, and you’re already way behind the curve.

Not only that, once you spend your hard-earned money on today’s “best” drone, tomorrow’s cheaper drone will be even better. A never ending conundrum!

I can imagine in the not too distant future how almost everything is going to be drone footage. Probably some time this year.

And then it’ll fizzle out, and the experts and top talent will remain, like everything else in this world.

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