Landscaping in Hoboken?

Landscaping in Hoboken {music to your ears?}

You’d think that living in a “concrete jungle” like Hoboken, that you’d never hear the sounds of “nature” for the most part.

Even though sounds that accompany the machinery associated with “landscaping” could be considered “disruptive” to the overly-anxious perfectionists out there, we think the sounds are awesome.

Air blowers, lawn mowers, edgers, chain saws, hedge-trimmers, etc. Those sounds, while “industrial,” still have a dotted-line to “Mother Nature.”

And while Hoboken does have “open spaces” that require actual landscaping (think: Pier A Park, Stevens Park, Church Square Park, etc.), it’s still nice to hear those sounds outside of the traditional and expected venues.

The other day a crew was cleaning up the exterior of a cookie-cutter condo in the southwest part of town The Hoboken Grandeand it just sounded like summer.

If you closed your eyes, and pretended that 99% of the city was concrete, asphalt and drywall – you might think you’d see a field of green grass once you opened your eyes. But no, it was just empty soda cans, dog shit and baby diapers.

But you can still dream, can’t you?

Hoboken Landscaping 1 - Landscaping in Hoboken?

Hoboken Landscaping 2 - Landscaping in Hoboken?

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