Nutritional Ketosis

Squelched: The Nutritional Ketosis movement

Today, there is a limitless amount of “information” out in the wild about health, diet and fitness. So much, in fact – that it could very well be counter-productive.

Or maybe by design?

But one thing that you really don’t see in the “mainstream” are the profound benefits of nutritional Ketosis.

What is Nutritional Ketosis?

Many of you have an idea of what nutritional Ketosis is – and most of you have probably heard countless “negative” things about it too. You can also see this post about our first year ultra-low carb.

Nutritional Ketosis – in a nutshell – is burning stored body fat for fuel. Your blood-sugar has to be consistently low for an extended period to achieve this, and many factors throw you out of “NK.” Including alcohol (until it is fully digested) as well as sugary and starchy foods.

The mix of information out there is part of the reason why this (NK) isn’t known by all as the absolutely best and only way to achieve results permanently.

Also – many “gluten free” programs and products have stolen most of the spotlight. (While Paleo is good – we think it’s way too restrictive). Gluten-free is also a sneaky way to fall off the wagon even if you’re a seasoned low-carber. The lack of painful “carb bloat” makes gluten-free a trojan horse in your diet.

I am just amazed why Ketosis isn’t being shouted at the top of everyone’s lungs! All day, every day!

ketonix blue breath ketone monitor nutritional ketosis

Undermining Nutritional Ketosis

Nutritional Ketosis – unless you’re perfectly strict with how little carbs you eat – is a bit tough to “test.”

They have urine strips called KetoStix (by Bayer) which sort of play a role in whether you’re in (or were recently in) Ketosis. But the results are mediocre at best – and the whole disposable strip model is costly over the long term.

Here comes Ketonix (get it before it’s gone)

A Swedish company created Ketonix. The only re-usable BREATH ketone analyzer.

It’s $150 and can be used over and over and over. They claim that breath ketones (when measured in the proper context – i.e., an active low-carb diet) correlates much better than urine.

It used to be easily available on No longer. Unless you do a “deep search.”

Type “Ketonix” in an Amazon search and you know what shows up? DISPOSABLE ketone breath tubes. Made by a pharma company. $27 for 10 tests. 50 test later, you’ve exceeded the cost of the Ketonix. Ka-Ching!

I really wonder why and how Ketonix got “hidden” from Amazon only to have the “pharma” and disposable version in it’s place. Who paid who how much? Why do they want to limit the exposure for Ketonix?

And who knows what else is happening in the shadowy world behind the scenes, and will this company mysteriously just vanish entirely?

Stay tuned – because soon we’ll be publishing a super-simple way for you to lose 10% of your body weight in 30 days (and up to 20% in just 60 days). All it takes is just a little bit of consistency and dedication! Doesn’t even require mad workouts!

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